"Skyscraper," the Magnificence of a Pearl and the Significance of a Story


“Pearl,” the tallest building in the world stands the risk of being destroyed by the vilest terrorists the world has ever known. It is not just the imminent destruction of the building that is evil, the greater evil is in the 240 stories that will perish along with it. Out of the 240 stories, one them is the cinematic choice of Rawson Marshall, the director. One of such stories is that of Will Sawyer (Dwayne Johnson) and his family. Why is this story worthy of this glamorous attention given to it? It is a story of family, love, heroism.

There is a story in each storey of the building. Pearl is a 240-storey building, Honk Kong’s massive tourist attraction and the ‘safest super-tall structure in the world.’ Mr Sawyer is taken to the topmost part and shown the majesty of the building.  The Empire State Building in New York only has 102 stories while Dubai’s Burj Khalifa has 160 storeys. The structure is that of a twisted object, so that what you have is an image of a building that goes up in spirals. At the topmost floor is the shape of a pearl. That’s where the building gets its name. And like its name, this building is priceless and should be protected. Zhao Long, the building developer tells Sawyer, “Welcome to heaven.” Long Ji employs the services of Sawyer as the chief security agent/consultant for “Pearl.” This is later understood as a vatic action when the building comes under attack. The owner of the building hides away a flash drive on the topmost floor so that the information regarding his wealth is well kept.

In one of the closing scenes, Sawyer asks the landlord of the building what he'd do next. "Rebuild," he replied. Real men know how to bounce back no matter the magnitude of the misfortune that befalls them. Real men know how to rebuild and this is way beyond just fixing his building, it's a metaphorical hope for fixing the world as the building is an image of the world as it is. Families live in the world. If they must function well, the world has to be in its best state. Many families fall with the building going down under terrorist attacks. This is the case with our world today. Families fall day by day as they try to survive the harsh realities of this world. "Pearl," being the name of the building, is only as valuable as the level of comfort and unity it brings to its inhabitants. The world should be ready to go against intruders, terrorists and save the souls of our families. That is the way to really save the world. If we cannot achieve this, then the world cannot be our "Pearl," it'd become our dud or doom.


“Skyscraper is now playing in cinemas!



"Hotel Transylvania 3," time for family time

There is something deserving of our attention in the cohabitation of humans and monsters in this movie.

The creativity employed in the creation of the characters tickles stringent imagination.  Some of the characters are absolute monsters, some are half-human half- monster while others are complete humans.

This is a way of projecting the blur lines between humanity and monstrosity. The fact that we are in human skins does not make us humane just as some monsters are more humane than many human beings. This is pictured in many scenes.

During the vacation, there is a particular monkey family that does not leave its children to move an inch away; the parents are always carrying the children everywhere they go. The parents are so lost in this parental duty that when eventually they have to be relived of this burden so that the children would have to go and have fun without the supervision of their parents, the parents look at each other and wonder what they should do with their limited free time. They really don’t have an idea. Meanwhile the family of Dracula who are mostly humans are in shambles prior to the vacation.

When Dracular is asked: “What can I help you with, Lord of darkness?” he replies with “I am looking for a date. I am lonely.” The loneliness of the CEO of Hotel Transylvania reflects the shattered state of the family. Mavis, Dracula’s daughter expresses the dullness of the family spirit when she speaks about the “all work, no play” tradition thus “We are working with each other more, we see each other less.” It is no surprise that she admits “Dad’s right, we need a break. We need to be together again.”

Now showing in cinemas!

 fun time is family time 

fun time is family time 

"Skyscraper" Is Set To Hit The Cinemas On July 13th

The tallest building in the world, "Pearl" is under attack. Mr. Sawyer's family is stuck on one of the floors above the fire line. It’s only a matter of time: the rage of fire and the terrorists holding the building captive will soon get to them. Sawyer, (Dwayne Johnson) a war veteran and security agent is away from his family at this period. He must quickly run back home to save his world – his family. What are the hurdles on his way? Is he able to save his family? Watch out for Dwayne Johnson's crazy clash with terrorists as he battles for the safety of his family.

Starring in this action-packed movie are Dwayne Johnson, Pablo Schreiber, Neve Campbell, Byron Mann, Ng Chin Han, Noah Taylor, Byron Lawson, etc.

The stunts in the action scenes will definitely leave you gasping. Dwayne Johnson is, no doubt, the best action actor of this century. You may even have to close your eyes as he hauls himself from a crane, fixes his huge frame on the outer body of the building, rolls through fire, takes down the bad guys with kicks and nods.

You'd very much enjoy the conspiracy of the sound tracks gracefully in sync with each action taken.

The biggest setting of the movie is the site of the building. "You are welcome to Paradise," which soon melts into a hell. No movie has taken place in such a futuristic building in film-making history.

Keep your fingers crossed as the most daunting family movie of the year graces your screen right from July 13th 2018.

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"Hotel Transylvania 3" Opens In Cinemas On July 13th

When life gets so dull, what do you do? Visit Hotel Transylvania? That sounds nice. There is a bit of irony hovering over this though – Dracula, the CEO of the hotel is lonely and bored. Now, that’s where the fun begins. Mavis, Dracula’s daughter plants an idea in his head; it’s about taking a break and going on a vacation to an unknown place. This idea is freaking her father out but at the same time, he is excited about leaving the boredom behind, the prospect of finding a date, and the journey to a place his daughter would never tell him about. It’s not just only Dracula that’s going on this vacation, he’d be joined by his entire household. A family Time. Are they able to really have the family time? What does the journey do to each character travelling with Dracula? Is Dracula able to overcome his boredom? Is he able to find a mate?

All these questions are aptly answered but you too would have to first get out of your busy and boring life and spend some time with the family of Dracula as they travel to a mysterious destination all in the name of vacation.

Starts showing in cinemas from July 13th 2018.

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"Boss Of All Bosses," parable of a broken seat

The broken seat further intensifies the bilious office atmosphere as office workers queue behind the two M.Ds who are constantly shouting down each other’s throats. This is typical of PDP and APC, the two prevalent political parties in Nigeria. The chasm widens as the two factions employ all malicious means to outwit and outdo each other just so that one faction can be eventually obliterated. It is the manner in which they employ the tactics that places this movie among the movies that explore Nigerian problems from a fresh perspective. Never in Nollywood has a comedy ever solely focused the madness of power as the farcical techniques employed in "Boss of All Bosses." The approaches of these power brokers in the struggle for retention of the M.D seat are emblematic of the Machiavellian methods that Nigerian rulers often bring to the fore when they gun for an office or get a political appointment. The treacherous means are so humorously painted that the deep lessons could be lost on you while you are busy laughing. It is in this movie that insults come as endearments; it is in this movie that mediocrity is the norm; it is in this movie that a fowl challenges an M.D to a duel right in his office. It is in this movie that guns are toys. That is as realistic as it can get. In our waking reality, guns are toys for everyone; the police, the Boko Haram sect and other devious members of the society kill for a pastime using smuggled ammunition.

It is written and produced by Emeka Kachikwu. The movie boasts of a mélange of thespians such as Patience Uzokwor, Chinedu Emmanuel, Adunni Ade, Eniola Badmus, Sani Danja, Ime Bishop Umoh, etc. 

Now playing in Cinemas.


"Boss of All Bosses": the office and the oil

An interesting aspect of this movie is the name of the company where all the wars are happening. Hemcorps Oil & Gas Corporation is pivotal to the calculated meaning which the movie hopes to invoke as at the base of all distractions, eruptions, and disruptions in Nigeria is oil. This company is strangely interested in getting involved with a big client so as to help him transport petroleum to other parts of the world. Of course, that's where the dollars flow in but this act would in a lot of ways perpetuate the menace of poverty in Nigeria as all eyes become fixated on the money without a thought on national development. This is this movie's brilliant way of calling for de-emphasizing the monstrous attention on crude oil and making explore other sectors of the economy.

boss tit.jpg

Office Symbol in "Boss of all Bosses"

A crucial symbol of tussle in the office is the seat of the M.D. At the beginning, Tony occupies this seat and he obviously abuses the power of the seat as he molests the ladies, harasses the guys, dips his itchy hands into the company’s wealth, goes late to the office, in short, turns the office upside down in the bit to remain permanently in the corridor of power. This is by no means a caricature presentation of our Nigerian political jobbers who maim, shout, steal, kill and destroy all in the name of seating tight permanently in the seat of power. 


"Boss of All Bosses"; Mirroring the Nigerian workspace

Emeka Kachikwu’s  “Boss Of All Bosses” conveniently passes for a larger than life comic relief to the myriad of problems that we face in Nigeria. It can be very hard to place fingers on the humorous sides of Nigeria’s biting issues. This is where this movie scores some enviable marks. The office where Tony, the boss works is comically shaped so that it is an apt microcosm of the daily struggles of average Nigerians who’d travel miles to make ends meet.

The office is, therefore, such a comic metaphor for Nigeria where everyone tries to outdo one another to relevance and all that the national cake offers. The office is stratified and deeply polarized based on levels of individual relevance, economic power, posts, occupation, and functionality.

It's now playing in Cinemas nationwide


Emeka Kachikwu's Debut Comedy, "Boss Of All Bosses" Premieres In Grand Style

There is a lot to expect when a comedy in Nigeria is studded with such stars as Patience Ozokwor, Eniola Badmus, Adunni Ade, Sani Musa Danja, Ime Bishop Umoh, Bethel Njoku (Senator), Joseph Bowoto (Akpororo) and Chinedu Ani Micael (Nedu).

“Boss of All Bosses” is officially presented to the public at a grand premiere at Imax Filmhouse, Lekki on the 9th of June 2018.

Emeka Kachikwu, the producer of “Boss of All Bosses” speaks at the premiere of his debut movie, "I feel electrified. It's been a long time coming. There's been a lot of hard work, sleepless nights prior to this period. It's a proud moment for me and I thank God for making it possible.”  When asked about his Nollywood influences, he does not hesitate to point to a few big guns of the industry. “I have had a lot of influences. I am fortunate to have Patience Uzokwo on the project. Definitely a legend. Then Desmond Elliot. Ramsey Noah is another inspiration. My inspirations from Hollywood include Jamie Fox. I love the way he started with stand-up comedy, maneuvered into music and acting.” Responding to the question about the inspiration for the movie, he says, “The inspiration happened three years ago. In my former place of work, I witnessed a heated argument between two employees who hauled insults at each other. So I sat back and thought to myself, I can make this two M.Ds instead of two random employees.”

Sani Musa Danja, one of the very comic livewires of the film has this to say, “Boss of All Bosses is a comedy of its own class. It’s a corporate comedy. The script is wonderful. I am not a stand-up comedian but I am a comedy person when it comes to movies.” Speaking about the character he plays and his real-life person, he says, "I am the first right-hand man of Boss of all Bosses, Knowledgeable. I don’ have anything to do with the role but when it comes to acting, whatever role you are given, you have to put in your best and ensure it comes out well.” For Sani, the movie’s selling point is in its difference from what the industry is used to. The story is different.” On working with Emeka, Sani speaks fondly of him, “Emeka is a nice person. This is the first movie he has shot and it’s like he has always been here.”

Senator, (Bethel Njoku) a comedian of the Federal Republic of Nigeria whose role in the movie is of no mean immensity where hilarity is the subject, speaks about the film project, “l play the role of a P.A. to one of the lead characters. The whole story is woven around the corporate circle. The tussle for power in a corporate society. So I was a P.A. but the kind of P.A. that thinks he knows what he is doing but doesn’t really know what he is doing. The movie is very nice. If you need to laugh, you need to go out there and see the movie.”

Mrs. Kachukwu, the producer’s mother is all excited as she celebrates her son. When asked how she feels, she says, “I feel very proud.” And further stamps her approval on the movie, “I recommend the movie to everyone who loves to have a good dose of laughter.”

Bishop Omar AKA Okong bears his mind on the movie. "The movie, is for me, a nice one. You'd get your full money's worth when you pick a ticket and go see it in the cinemas. The selling point of the movie is that it's well cooked, unconventional, a comedy with a difference. We all want something that is different, something with an air of distinction. The actors really gave their best."

Award-winning young actor, Sam Bassa speaks of his expectations, "We are all here for “Boss of all Bosses.” I expect it to be hilarious judging by the cast: Okong, Mama G, Sany Danja etc. When I saw the title, it got me thinking. When there is a boss and that boss is the boss of all bosses, you know what to expect. We need stress-releasing avenues such as this movie. So I have come here to be refreshed. Things look really awesome, lots of beautiful people around.”

Niger Ninja, Sound Sultan is impressed with the content, "The movie is really funny. In fact, I told the lead actor that his style of comedy is totally different from what I see around. It's very animated. There are so many people who are really like that in reality. I do really appreciate his acting.”

Jules Aka Jazz expresses her initial reservation before turning around after she’s done seeing the movie, “At first I had low expectations but then there were some really genuine funny parts. So I think they did a good job.”


“Boss Of All Bosses” starts playing in Cinemas on June 15,2018.


Six Reasons "Jurassic World: fallen kingdom" is worth every moment of your time

“Jurassic World: fallen kingdom” boasts of wonderful directing, heart-stopping actions, blood-pumping sound tracks, and marvelous villains and heroes. Perhaps, you could have a bit of a hard time drawing the lines between who the real protagonists and the antagonists are. You may safely tag it a clash of two worlds: beast and man. No doubt, this latest attempt at Jurassic Park series is a guide on memory lane to digital dinosaur movie venture which started in 1993 with “Jurassic Park 1.” Soon the other four sequels followed. You remember how the dinosaurs stomped across and made a feast of stranded and hapless tourists. This edition is a creative homage to the previous sequels.

You are probably thinking: what’s then new to see in “Jurassic world: fallen kingdom”? Why should I ever want to see this movie? Well, the reasons are not far-fetched.


1.            The dinosaurs are the biggest lords of the screen. Ironically, the man-eating dinosaurs of the Jurassic Park are our darlings. Take the dinosaurs away from the franchise and nothing meaningful is left. No one can shy away from the fact that audiences around the globe got magnetized by the dinosaur idea right from the very first installment of the Jurassic Park franchise. This is where it becomes hard to tell who the villains and the heroes are. From the outset, the villains are the dinosaurs but as is the culture in most horror-coated movies, the dinosaurs are taking over and gradually becoming the heroes. Truth be told, this is the closest most modern movie goers have been to mountain-shaming natural creatures. Most of us have relied on fossils and mere pictures to have an experience of certain extinct forces of nature such as dragons, dinosaurs etc. With the help of this kind of movies, the modern audience can get as close as possible to what life was when these creatures permeated the earth. If we take the dinosaurs to be the heroes, invariably, man is now the villain and this is where another irony crops up: man is busy saving the brachiosauruses which are busy looking for ways to finish him up. It’s scary to think of the movie placing a premium on the life of a dinosaur as the longest scene spent on a human being being devoured by the beasts is the scene where two dinosaurs feast on a human in the final scenes.

2.            The cinematography: Oh my my. Oscar Faura is surely a beautiful mind with special eyes for what makes a movie magnetic with the audience. The Spanish cinematographer regales us with crazy scenic angles to the story, the kinds of angles that’d make you see this particular story in a whole new light. The under the water shots at the beginning, the heart-wrenching shot of a brachiosaurus standing at the edge of destruction where the eruption eventually engulfs it, the scene where Owen meets Blue again and many more speak eloquently of Faura’s cinematic expertise. The scenes transit with a certain urgency that characterizes the spirit of the plot as the rescue team cannot afford not to be as fast as possible in its mission to save the dinosaurs from the erupting habit

3.            The music is in perfect synergy with the quick and urgent movements of the scenes. In fact, each sound helps build the suspense that pins you to the edge of your seat as the story unfolds. You hear the water roaring and the Island erupting and the animals running to safety. The pandemonium on its own creates a heart-gripping music that helps Michael Giacchino create the sounds that help bring the movie to life.



4.            The plot comes pressing hard on you with a fascinating build up to the climax. At the core of this is an enchanting story that sees Eli Mills appearing as a saviour and sending forth a team to get the endangered species off the volatile Island only to be revealed later that he actually nurses the ambition to sell off the animals.


5.            The cast is on point. You can bet on Chris Pratt to always deliver on this kind of set. Bryce Dallas is equally up to the task as she is given more to do. Eli Mills notices the passion of these two people for the natural world as he says, “You two, you are the parents of the new world.” Jeff Goldblum role in this franchise is the voice of reason. He reprises his normal Dr. Ian Malcom role but does not appear beyond two scenes. He delivers in those two scenes the icing on the cake of the movie. He says, “These creatures were here before us and if we are not careful, they are gonna be here after us.” Now that is a scary caveat to the whole of humanity. The presence of Maisie (Isabella Sermon) is another brilliant attempt at creating emotional connection between children and the movie. The child character is brave and performs role that can help our children hearten up in times of troubles

6. The directorial capabilities of the Spanish director, Juan Antonio Garcia Bayona are again brought to the fore here. The director is known for “The Orphanage” (2007), “The Impossible” (2012), “A monster Calls.” Bayona is therefore never a novice when it comes to giving life to horror and sci-fi adventure screenplays and making the world tremble in their wake. Critics have drawn the lines between “The orphanage,” and “Jurassic World: fallen kingdom” regarding the latter as a movie imbued with ghosts (dinosaurs). 



How Alexandra became A Man

Why can’t Kevin come to Nigeria to marry Alexandra? Why must it be Alexandra traveling all the way to live with him in America? Alex should have exercised her woman power over Kevin by agreeing to marry her only if he comes to take her hand in marriage in Nigeria. At least, that would have put Kevin’s sincerity and love to some test. But Alexandra plays to the normal assertion that the woman is a weaker sex. Her going to America shows that she has some inferiority complex about her marriage worth. She feels some complex about her own country and holds America and its people in an esteem that not all of them deserves. She plays to the stereotype that most Nigerian youths are desperate to leave their own country for a greener pasture abroad. She presents herself a weak woman. But Alex is a good lady. Mistake not weakness for malfeasance. She is just a woman in search of genuine love.


Thanks to the monster in Kevin, otherwise, the real man in Alexandra would not have come out to ask for justice. In her fight for freedom and justice, Alex becomes a man. The road to becoming a man is such a rough and tough one. The woman in her has to be shredded off by the cold hands of Kevin. She has to experience sex slavery in order to come to terms with her fear and weakness. Her becoming a man is further expressed in the deep-seated quest for protection and vengeance especially as she seeks to do this by enrolling in the U.S army.


Her military training heartens her about self-defense and quest for justice. When eventually Kevin comes to snuffle her out, she stands up and not only defends herself but also kills him. The death of Kevin is symptomatic of the coming to life of the man in Alexandra. She now feels so safe that she no longer needs to rush back to Nigeria for protection. She is man enough to protect herself from any aggression – psychological or physical.


Alexandra’s fight for freedom and justice brings some credibility to the meaning of her name. Alexandra is the feminine form of Alexander which means “defender of men.” The name was known to have been in Britain since 13th century. It was made more famous by the matrimonial union that happened between the future King of England, Edward VII and the Princess of Denmark, Alexandra.


In this movie, we can aptly consent to the twist in the meaning of the name and label her “defender of women.” Her attainment of self-dense and justice is also an achievement for women all around the world, women who suffer all forms of oppression and servitude. Her story is a bright light of hope in the dark dungeon of oppressiveness. We may even adjudge her to be Alexander the Great for her taming of her demons.


artist 13.jpg

"Alexandra," a vintage cinematic product of two woods

The vintage cinematic and thespian quality of this sort is what you get when Nollywood teams with Hollywood in the execution of a story that takes two different settings and demands the best of acting from Rob Hays, Vivica Fox, Ada Ameh, Fredda Steffl, Joseph Benjamin and others. The acting helps leaven the already fascinating story. It’s easy to catch the bug from Fredda Steffl, the producer who plays Alexandra. She comes real. Rob Hays’ acting brings with it some brutality expected of a psycho. He so fits into it you are convinced that is the way he is away from the cameras. But that is acting.  You can’t doubt the directorial proficiency of Robert Peters as he reaches into his big bag of cinema experience in making this movie a filmic reality.

Alexandra is a warning on the dangers of online dating. The virtual world is yet to be the real world. It is doubtful if the virtual reality would ever be the actual reality. This is because people easily hide away behind that world to present themselves in sparkling colours which they are not in any way close to in actual physical reality. The meeting of Kevin and Alexandra in this virtual space underpins the modern man’s embrace of virtuality as reality. It is with this belief in mind that Alexandra and Kevin fall in love. But there is more to falling in love online than meets the eye because the interface of connection is the screen. Screen is a liar. It has the capacity to make things more beautiful than they appear. There are so many photoshopped images that fly around online while in reality the people in the pictures are not as pretty as they look. The screen is fantasy. It is the screen age.

Yet we cannot minimize the power of the screen and the world it presents to us in the creation of the bond of two people over some distances. Prior to this time, Alexandra cannot be in Nigeria and have such a relationship with Kevin who stays in the U.S. So the virtual world makes long distance love a reality. But is the internet enough tool of bond? Can it effectively sustain the love it births?

Alexandra lands in the U.S some months later and discovers that Kevin is a sex slave master. He appears green from afar but he is red in reality. Alex endures all sorts of abuse day and night with nobody to cry to. Every moment in and around the house is monitored by Kevin’s cameras. The house and its environ come to be a prison for Alex.

When Alex finds the escape route with the help of one of Kevin’s friends, Joseph Benjamin, she seeks revenge in her own way. She joins the U.S army and as time goes on feels armed enough to tame Kevin who kills his own friend because he helps Alex out of his prison. What Alexandra does next shows freedom is not enough. She is bent on establishing the fact that to cement your freedom, some bold drastic steps have to be taken. What she does to quench her fear and reify her freedom would leave your mouth agape for a long time.

The suspense in this movie is biting. It’d take you from love to hostility, then freedom and vengeance. The scene where Benjamin takes the poisoned drink would leave you cringing. The scenes of several abuses would get your dander up as much as you travel through pity and fear for the central character. 

There is no unnecessary lighting, the sound and picture quality comes clean and clear. There is an accurate understanding of the two settings explored in the course of the story line as the movie scenes shuttle between Nigeria and the U.S.

When you are done seeing this movie, you begin to nod. It’s as a result of the cinematic exploration of that side of you that wants an escape from your country so that you can find a knight in an American. You get scared of leaving Nigeria in the name of the promises of a distant love. You even fear the internet the more. You realize how unreal and callous the virtual reality is.

Alexandra was premiered in the U.S. on the 21st of April 2018. It is set to be released in Nigeria on the fourth of May 2018. Brace up for the exposition of this shattering little secret.

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International Dance Day Is Here Again!


Do you love to dance? Who doesn’t? Dance is an expression of inner peace, joy, creativity, spirituality and sound health. Through dance, you can put a phone call through to your inner being and your creator. No wonder there is a lot of dancing in different religions and cultures around the world. 

Most books and movies ride on the wheels of dance element to further make their statements clearer to the audience. The list is endless but we would love you to go out and see our movies where dance is used as a tool of entertainment, ritual and identity. The youths in the movie "Blockers" constantly have parties where they dance to express what the home environment deprives them of. A character in "Jumanji: welcome to the Jungle" uses dance to distract the enemies thereby having the opportunity to overcome them. Even when she fights, her moves are dance steps. Such is the power of dance.

Chinua Achebe, the great African novelist once wrote, “The world is like a Mask dancing. If you want to see it well, you do not stand in one place.” Dance is perception; a way of seeing the world. You cannot effectively see this world if you embrace stasis, if you stand rooted to a boring spot, thus, you must move. Nothing moves in and out of your life unless you move and in your moving, things begin to move. Dance then is movement of thoughts, ideas, and parts of your body in order to reify your dreams.

April 29 is the International Dance Day. It is the day specifically set aside for the celebration of dance and dancers around the world. The dance committee of International Theatre Institute set up the dance festival in honour of Jean-George Noverre (1727 – 1810) who is regarded as the author of modern ballet. Ballet is just a type of dance, there are other types such as salsa, rumba, polka, fandango etc. On such a day as International Dance Day, all around the world, people get some education about the concept of dance as dance festivals are held. People dance and appreciate the health, social, cultural, artistic and spiritual benefits of dance. A Gala celebration takes place in a city chosen by the ITI Executive Council. This year’s venue is Havana, Cuba. The celebration houses a keynote speech by a selected author, other speeches from prominent individuals, spirit-lifting dance performances etc. ITI is a body that totally supports UNESCO so that the world can best understand and appreciate the values of dance as a crucial aspect of the arts.

It takes a lot to dance; that is why people sweat when they dance. You just have to free your soul. Empty yourself of all the burdens in your spirit. When people dance, they dance away the malice, the quarrels, and the war battling with their souls. They consciously spin with the earth. You may not be able to make it to Havana, Cuba for this year’s celebration but you can be a participant by dancing in your own little corner of the Earth. You can search online for the videos of the events and share. You can encourage the ones who have lost their limbs (physical and psychological) to get up and learn how to dance again. You can remind the world of great dancers in history – King David, Rudolf Nureyev, Anna Pavlova, Michael Jackson, Prabhu Deva etc. 

dance 3.png

Silverbird Cinemas in agreement with CJ4DPLEX redefines movie experience in West Africa

Movie experience would never be the same again in West Africa as CJ 4DPLEX teams with Silverbird Cinemas to bring 4DX theaters to two locations in Nigeria - Silverbird cinemas Ikeja, Lagos and Abuja. This was announced on the 25th of April 2018 at the just concluded CinemaCon convention in Seoul.

This is the first of its kind in West Africa. This further adds credence to the mighty presence of the Silverbird Group as it continues to bring new innovations to how people experience movies.


"We are extremely pleased to announce our new partnership with Silverbird Cinemas as a very successful CinemaCon closes. Silverbird is known for its innovation and we are grateful to be recognized by them, and excited to bring 4DX to moviegoers in West Africa,” said Byung-Hwan Choi, CEO of CJ 4DPLEX

"We are truly excited to be bringing 4DX to Nigeria and be the first to do so in West Africa. At Silverbird Cinemas, we have earned the reputation of creating & sustaining a fun and exciting movie-going experience with customers and our partnership with CJ 4DPLEX ensures we not only continue to do just that but we keep evolving and take that experience to the next level," Jared Murray Bruce, the executive director of Silverbird Group stated.

CJ 4DPLEX is the first 4Dcinema company in the whole of the world. It has international branches in Beijing and Los Angeles while its headquarters is in Seoul.  Confidently, the Silverbird Group can say to Africa, “welcome to the beautiful cinematic future.”



We’ve finally got our first look at Tom Hardy’s Venom and....well, this should blow you away.

Several times, the unstructured alien, symbiote has possessed Spider Man who also divested the evil being of himself on several occasions because he understands the weakness of the extraterrestrial being. Spider man once tamed the alien with noise, at another time, he did it with fire.

Yet, this terrible enemy is still alive and in this new movie, it will find a home in Eddie Brock. Only the vile combination of two malevolent entities can result in the bitter birth of Venom. No wonder Symbiote tells Eddie Brock in the comics that inspired the series... "You're Eddie Brock, I'm the symbiote. Together we are VENOM.

The Equalizer 2

Antoine Faqua’s action thriller “Equalizer 2” is a movie you can’t wait to see. This is where the 2014 antecedent movie of the same name continues and this promises to be such a bad filmic adventure as you will find yourself holding your chest as the equalizing events unfold.

Who is the equalizer? Who will be equalized? Find out as this giant hit hits the screens July 20, 2018. Starring in this beautiful movie are Denzel Washington, Ashton Sanders, Pedro Pascal, Melissa Leo, and Bill Pullman.

Sometimes justice isn't enough. Watch Denzel Washington in the new trailer for The Equalizer 2, in cinemas - Releases - July 20, 2018

Why "Blockers" is a lesson in parenting

Blockers, Kay Cannon’s directorial movie debut is not only high on humour but also intelligence so that you don’t just get to laugh alone, you also get to see daylight on informed mind-brightening scenes. Your analytical antennae are made to point northward and your sense of empathy is given some kicks. And to think that this is the first time Kay Cannon, the writer of “Pitch Perfect” franchise would try her hands on directing, it’s not such a bad attempt. You won’t even know if you are not told as the expertise she brings to this movie does not give her up as a beginner.

The performances of the cast would certainly keep your eyes glued to the screen as you giggle through the well-lit scenes that beam with such unspeakable cinematic brilliance. The acting prowess of Leslie Mann, Ike Barinholtz, John Cena, Kathryn Newton, Geraldine Viswanathan, Gideon Adlon, Graham Philips and the likes lends some creative energy to the movie.

The engaging pillar stone of this riveting comedy is in the wit-coated plot that follows the reactions of parents who get the word that their teenagers have a pact to willingly give themselves up for being deflowered at the prom. What eventually happens as these jealous overprotective parents make daring moves to thwart what they deem senseless act?

The parents’ moves to prevent their children from having sex is an attempt at preventing them from adulthood as experiencing sexual intercourse is expected to be an initiation into adulthood. These parents find it hard to believe that their children would make such silly agreement as it was not like that in their own days. Many things are becoming unthinkable but parents must learn to let their children lead their lives as constant monitoring will keep widening the ancient generational gap between parents and their children. No doubts parents and young people around the world would connect easily with the core of this prom-night comedy which not only exposes certain parental pitfalls but also shows the way forward.


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"Pacific Rim Uprising" demonstrates the humanitarian essence of science & technology as the world celebrates International Day of Human Space Flight

The United Nations General Assembly, at its 65th session on the seventh day of April 2011, declared 12th of April of every year as the International Day of Human Space Flight in acknowledgment and celebration of the giant step that humanity took on the 12th of April 1961 when the Soviet Citizen, Yuri Gagarin made that historical Vostok 1 space flight. In one hundred and eight minutes, Gagarin completed the remarkable revolution round the earth in Vostok 3KA space shuttle.

It’s the first significant step into the space era when science and technology is enhanced by man’s relationship with the outer space. The results are all over us today. Humanity has undoubtedly utilized its access to space in the expansion and development of the science of connectivity as the present human world feeds largely on how much it is able to shrink up and connect every part of the globe so that the true global village dream is better realized.

However, mankind cannot completely boast of a totally connected world for the purpose of peaceful and scientific and humane interactions in its exploration of the outer space, because there are people who also want to key into this idea to make a mess of the world.  The arts have given us a bite of such malfeasances in the conflict between the world-saving protagonists and malicious antagonists of several works of arts. The movie world has quite a number of them. The latest we have is in Steven S. Deknight’s “Pacific Rim Uprising,” a brilliant sci-fi revealing how man-stimulated monsters from the outer space invade the world. Thank goodness, the likes of John Boyega, Scot Eastwood and the rest of the team have the Science & technology and the mental might to combat the monsters. If not for the help of the ingenious application of science & technology for the advancement and protection of humanity, there is no way the young team could have risen to the apocalyptic threat posed by the giant monsters. "Pacific Rim Uprising" is therefore a potent reminder of all the dreams dreamt for the forward movement of humanity.

As the world celebrates the International Day of Human Space Flight, we should remember all the technologies made possible by the exploration of the outer space; we should remember to find means to further humanize these technologies so that humanity can be protected and preserved; we should remember no matter the giant step we take in utilizing the space to human advancement, if we cannot build the love ship that will make us explore the human spirit to our advantage, then we will continue to harm ourselves with our inventions.


"Acrimony," more than just a word

Tyler Perry must have deeply sensed the growing number of women going through stuffs. He must have had a close-range experience of how African-American Women are specially labelled for fighting back in relationships. If not, he wouldn’t sum up the wars that happen in relationships with the word “Acrimony.”

This word strangely brings to mind other similar-sounding words such as “alimony” and “palimony” but while these two words are synonyms, “acrimony” is in a different semantic league as it describes an emotional state of a betrayed lover. Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary describes acrimony as “angry bitter feelings or words.” This is an encapsulation of what happens in toxic relationships.  Words in dictionaries are mere words until they are pungently dramatized on the stage of our emotions, then the real meanings emerge and give us dimensions of interpretations and essences. Tyler Perry feels at home dramatizing “acrimony” in a powerful way, in the way many of us –men, women and even children – can understand.

Perry and his inclination for black women’s traumas

Tyler Perry has such a penchant for dramatizing the agonies of Black women. With cinematic masterpieces such as Diary of a Mad Black Woman,” and “Why did I Get Married?” he has demonstrated how faithfully he can stay with the spirit of the titles of his movies. “Acrimony” also promises to be a heart-wrenching story of the experiences of a Black woman in the hands of her husband. 

The meaning of the movie is evocatively enlivened by the brilliance of Taraji P. Henson’s character interpretation. In fact, her personality alone is enough to drive this franchise to a safe harbor. And her acrimony is contagious; it’s all over on the scenes where she appears as well as where she does not appear. She has the character strength that is stimulating and domineering enough to control the atmosphere of every set. She would make you feel the acrimony like her story is your life, like everything is happening to you right away. And this is what makes her adorable in this movie. Taraji glides from one emotional state to another so seamlessly that you cannot but ride with her on the crest of the emotional war. She does not stop at just acting the role, she becomes the character and lives the life of that character. In every step; you see the pain, in every smile; you see the bitterness, in every puff of her cigarette; you see how she lives the anger. Every word seethes with anguish of betrayal.

Lyriq Bent, a fantastic Jamaican-Canadian actor who is best known for his moving display in “The Book of Negroes,” “Saw,” and “Rookie Blue” does not fall short in his interpretation of the emotionally demanding role. He certainly brings all those vintage acting to the set of “Acrimony.” The way he tries defending himself comes real. How he is able to row between two women reeks of the antics of a visceral sensual game master and an adorable gentle man.

“Acrimony” easily comes off as a portentous thrilling tale of love and betrayal – an expression of Tyler Perry’s cinematic competence.


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"Pacific Rim Uprising" Shows The Way To Future Art Of War


Although Sun Tsu gives his perspectives on how to war in his best-selling book “Art Of War,” the movie, “Pacific Rim Uprising” aptly redefines the art of war.  “Pacific Rim Uprising” marks a great leap in technological advancement as it puts forward the advanced ways of fighting the monsters of now and the future. Very soon, soldiers would no longer need to face unnecessary dangers at war as they would only need to wear some apparatus that would enable them control a scientific body. The body can stand the heat of war so long the controllers don’t get hurt.

Steven S. Deknight’s Pacific Rim Uprising exposes humanity’s tendency for heroic deeds. The heroes of this century and the next would not necessarily be physical giants but geeks of science and technology. This movie is a success at redefining how to tackle the monsters that assail the present and future of man. The kajia in this movie are the metaphors for human worries. The way to tame them all is not a tactless head on collision with them but technology.

The heroes of the movie step up and put on their technological armour to do some future-determining battle for the future of man. Once they wear their armour, what we see is a giant robot – swift, skillful, and agile – heading for the kagia who are nuts on the idea of destroying the human world. They can perform series of tasks that a normal ordinary person won't dare perform.

As powerful as the jagers become when they put on the extra ordinary armour, when they themselves are hurt, they cannot do anything with the robot again. It takes two people to control one robot. Once one of the people is hurt, it would take the other person an unspeakable amount of energy to lift the robot from the ground. The Robots also work with the strength of the mind and body.

We can't wait to see that future where science and technology will be the new face of warfare. But until then, let's take what we can from the future projection that "Pacific Rim Uprising" offers.

Anytime the jagers come up against the kajia in a deadly confrontation, the sound track on whose wings the young warriors ride would jumpstart you in your seat. You’d feel a push that encourages you to join the jagers and help save the world. One of the most inspiring moments happens when the final battle is about to take place and Stacker Pentecost (John Boyega) delivers his short adrenaline-pumping speech to the cadets. Oh Lord, you just want to want to join them. It’s such a noble duty to be on expedition with the world-saving team using the most extra ordinary weapons of war that humanity is gradually coming to terms with.

Good news: You can now join the team in cinemas!

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