"A Rose For Freddy," promises to arrest lovers' attention as it hits the cinemas

It’s not just any Rose; it’s a worthwhile Rose, and it is meant for Freddy. This Rose waits patiently as her man studies abroad and returns home to her at the completion of his studies. But things are never the same again. It’s not exactly the Nigeria he leaves behind few years back. Jobs are harder to get; streets are bursting with graduates seeking employments, companies are not ready to spend their hard earned money experimenting with the ideas of a newcomer into the economic atmosphere, some even turn you down because of your overseas certificates with the fear that you are perhaps too qualified for the job and cannot therefore afford your expenses. Freddy’s friends too have moved on adapting gracefully to the economic conditions as some of them have their own companies while others are gainfully employed in not-so-bad firms.

Tunde (Gregory Ojefua), being Freddy’s friend, is bullied into giving Freddy a post in his company. Freddy enjoys the job though it creates a huge space between him and his lover. It’s just enough space for Tunde to move up close to Rose and strike. And strikes he does as he sets up Freddy with some wraps of cocaine in his car. With the police on Freddy’s heels, the chasm becomes glaring. Tunde steps in to help Rose kill the boredom, the worry and the loneliness. Rose falls prey to Tunde’s gambits and ends up in bed with him. It is even more painful that she falls not away from home but right in her own bedroom. The man she has waited for four years has not gone that length with her since his return from the States.

Freddy eventually clears himself up (with the help of his friend: Udoka Oyeka --Osa) and returns home only to discover that Tunde sets him up just to devour his Rose. He is so pained that he builds an emotional wall between himself and Rose. He packs out of the house and starts living with his friend, Osa.

Rose languishes in guilt and pain as she continually tries to convince her man to come back home. The dramatic unification happens at the final scene when a mutual friend, Kamsi falls sick and is hospitalized. Freddy and Rose meet again. After lots of back and forth and intervention of Osa and Kemi, they are able to find their romantic rhythm again.

“A Rose For Freddy” takes us through the travails of love. It is a lesson in patience, faithfulness, endurance and forgiveness. For four years, Rose awaits her lover Freddy who studies abroad. She not only waits, she does so patiently and faithfully. Her waiting helps heighten the plot when the wolf, Tunde comes up with his games. It is interesting how Tunde does not play all these games while Freddy is still in the U.S. At least Freddy’s absence could have been a subtle accomplice in the struggle to win Rose’s heart.

The movie helps us understand the typical traits of wolves around us. Tunde is the wolf aiming to destroy a Rose.  For every beautiful thing – Rose – there is always a Wolf out there thinking of ways to destroy it. In the case of the beautiful love relationship between Rose and Freddy, it is Tunde, one of Freddy’s closest friends. Here is the warning in this movie: those who are close to you are the ones who can be your strongest opposition. This is because they have all the information they need to either make or mar your life.

Love and trust prevail eventually. The dramatization of the forgiveness between Freddy and Rose at the closing scenes is made possible by the trust and love which the lovers have built over a period of time. The final scene plays premium on two hands holding each other. In that passionate gesture, the supremacy of love and trust in human relationships is established.


Denzel Washington on a revenge mission in "The equalizer 2"

There is no equal.

What in life can take you back to the raw, rugged, warlike life you once abandoned? For Robert McCall (Denzel Washington), it’s the murder of his friend. Nobody knows fury like Denzel Washington when he is robbed of the beautiful people in his life. The equalizer 2 goes a long way to prove that a strong desire for justice can drive a man to the precipice of crime.

But how does one achieve equality in a system deeply rooted in class stratification? How does one find justice in a "justice-kwashiorkored" society? Every thought and action of McCall (Denzel Washington) in this film takes the audience through revolutionary answers to the questions which have for long beleagured human socities.

Starring in this American thriller are Denzel Washington, Ashton Sanders, Bill Pullman, Melisa Leo and Pedro Pascal.

Denzel’s handling of the character of McCall is natural and on point as he switches between being a regular guy driving a car for a living and a sophisticated Special Forces agent. This reveals the amount of research that goes into Denzel’s understanding and portrayal of the character. During his search for the murderer of Susan, he encounters circumstances that call for his expertise as a Special Forces operative. He tears fingers apart, kicks butts and sets the town aflame.

The suspense continues to grow as he instructs (over the phone) his young friend, Ashton Sanders to get into the bookshelf so that the intruders would not have him for dinner. This scene would get you unto the tip of the cliff of suspense.

The suspense drives you crazy as the intruders drive into the silent neighbourhood where they hope to catch McCall and kill him for troubling them. The showdown here is the father of all showdowns.

There are beautiful quotes that you can take away from this movie. One of such is, “We all got to pay for our sins.” And that is what happens to the evil guys in this movie. McCall makes them pay for their sins against unsuspecting members of the public.

The conversation below ensues between McCall and a Turkish man on the train:

Turkish Passenger: First time to Turkey?

Robert McCall: No, no, no. A long time ago, a different life.

Turkish Passenger: Now you come back.

Robert McCall: Yes, I’m looking for something.

Turkish Passenger: You can find whatever you wish in Turkey.

Robert McCall: How about a man who kidnapped a little girl from her American mother?

Turkish Passenger: We’ll not be looking for such a man. It will be dangerous for you.

Robert McCall: Men like him would think that.

This reveals part of the identity of McCall and the Turkish passenger. Both of them already recognize each other but they deliberately downplay that so that the conversation can get to the killing point. There are two countries that crop up in this suspicious conversation: America and Turkey. The implication plays into the stereotype that America is a savior while Turkey is a terrorist. The arse-kicking that follows is typical of the war between the Middle East and America. McCall eventually saves the girl and return her to her mother in America.

There are a few funny lines even in the midst of the actions. “Always be nice to anybody that has access to your toothbrush,” an old man tells Denzel after paying him some coins for the ride. This is true of intimacy and its attendant problems. Anyone who uses your toothbrush has some level of intimacy with you. You should remember what is said about the enemy within. There is no brutal enemy like a friend turned enemy. Anyone who knows a lot about you can easily harm you.

The Equalizer 2 also has some financial advice woven into its diction. “It takes talent to make money but it takes brains to keep it.” The truism of this priceless line is revealed when we look around us and see how quickly money evaporates as soon as it is made – a pointer to the senselessness of many when it comes to issues of money. Your skills can earn you some dough but it takes wisdom to do what is worthwhile with your finances. So if you see “The Equalizer 2” as a Rich-dad-poor-dad kind of movie, you are not too far from the truth.

Robert McCall has lost his family. We see him looking at the picture of his wife every now and then. It seems to be the thing that keeps him going and doing what he does for strangers. Family hence is everything. Now that he does not have his immediate family anymore, he is looking to make everyone his family. And how can he do this? By lending a helping hand to strangers in distress. But does this fill up the hole in his heart? Susan, his friend doubts the possibility of that as she tells him, “Robert, I’ve been thinking.  It’s great you’re helping out all these random people and everything, but it’s not going to fill that hole in your heart. I’m obligated to tell you these things because I’m the only friend you’ve got.”

The idea of Equalizer is central to this franchise. This is a very crucial commentary on the state of human society. “Equalizer” is taken from the word “equal.” The movie suggests an egalitarian society where everyone enjoys equal rights. As laudable as this idea is, is just one man strong enough to shoulder that burden of balance in the society? A classless society is surely a tall order. However, this movie is a reminder of how urgent it is for humanity to inch up on this ideal every day. And it can start from any random person who dares to achieve justice in their little way. This is how we can inspire an army of protesters, judges, and lovers in the battle for equality. This calls all of us not just to be societal police but police of conscience too. If we cannot achieve a sense of justice with self in little things, how do we achieve it with others in bigger things? There is no minor justice or injustice; justice is justice, an injustice is an injustice. Without this level of justice awareness, then we live in a precarious world as it was said of Susan, “Susan worked in a dangerous world.”

The higher message of The Equalizer franchise is, therefore, self-policing. Guard your conscience and do what is right in your little corner of the world. Don’t always look up to the people who hold offices as the best arbiters of justice. Many a time, holders of positions fail us. There is no hope if we continue to fail ourselves. Be your own hero, only then can you extend heroism to others.


                                                            Denzel Washington

                                                           Denzel Washington

"Mission Impossible: fallout," Ethan Hunt and the mission to save the world

The compact story line, the back-to-back breath-taking action scenes, the cinematic grace of transitions between scenes, the fast-paced sound track, the multiple choice locations, the adrenalin-pumping diction, the suspense, the optimal lighting are all testaments to the genius that goes into the making of the thrilling filmic output of “Mission Impossible: fallout.”

The opening scene piques your curiosity, making you wonder what the hell is going on as Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) is seen on a seaside being joined with his ex-wife Julia (Michelle Monaghan) in what is popularly referred to as holy matrimony. Guess who the priest is. Solomon Lane, the villain of the previous Mission Impossible film. As the priest dictates the love oath, Ethan notices there’s something wrong with the wording of the oath, it’s not exactly what it should be, so he is trying to make the priest stop it when he comes awake. Guess again. That’s a dream! And a flashback too! The use of dream motif helps wrap this movie in a more-than-physical aura. The wedding scene is repeatedly flashed across the scenes as the movie progresses, thereby reminding the audience of the significance of family life and importantly, love.

Ethan wakes up into the darkness of a fusty room in Belfast. A self-destruct message relates itself: “Your mission, should you choose to accept it…” The message sends him on a deadly mission. He is to halt the destruction of the world and unleash lethal justice on the arms-dealing, terrorizing monsters of the world. At the door, there’s another messenger who begins the line “Fate whispers to the warrior, ‘storm is coming,’ and warrior whispers back, ‘I am the storm.’” That last part is delivered by Ethan Hunt himself. This poetic introduction into the strength and fate of Ethan, is a corroborative attempt at intimating the audience on the life Ethan Hunt is born to live. His fate is to go through terrifying ordeal just to keep the world safe.  Platonium has fallen into the hands of terrorists and they are ready to blow up the world with it.

Ethan Hunt and CIA rep, August Walker have to constantly act under the guise of being in sync with a group of terrorists just so they can snatch the plutonium away from the grips of the atrocious guys. Thus, they keep attacking and outwitting each other in order to eventually achieve their goal. This culminates in scary rhythms of breath-breaking stunts through Paris, Belfast, London and Berlin.

The scenes are as memorable as shocking as they come. The scenes that end in Ethan’s captivation of Solomon Lane would certainly leave you clinging to the armrest. Even after that arrest, the words that emerge from the mouth of this soulless terrorist would make you want to kill him instantly. He cannot help but sound apocalyptic, “Your mission, should you choose to accept it. I wonder, did you ever choose not to? The end you’ve always feared is coming. And the blood will be on your hands. The fallout of all your good intentions.”

Throughout the movie, Solomon Lane’s voice is an omen heralding the most unfortunate calamities. His voice comes with such distinctiveness befitting a ruthless antihero. His unkempt face adds epic malfeasance to the evils he perpetrates. His philosophy of peace and war is so crazily frankensteined in such a way that you are not likely to grab the core of it at the first instance unless you take a pause and ruminate over it. “There cannot be peace without first, a great suffering. The greater the suffering the greater the peace.” It is ironic that a terrorist preaches peace and understands that the true depth of peace cannot be reached until humanity has gone through the stark opposite of it. His assertion is true, for we only appreciate life because of the presence of death. But Solomon Lane is not the only enemy, there are many other groups and horrible individuals who have vested interest in the affairs of plutonium and arms dealing. John Lark remains faceless throughout the movie as the Apostles carry out grave attacks on major cities of the world. August Walker who happens to be a representative of the CIA turns out to be an accomplice of Solomon Lane. In fact, he is the direct enemy that Secrete Agent, Ethan Hunt faces in the last fifteen minutes as he (Ethan) and his team fight tooth and nail to avert the calamity that is fast descending on the world.


Distributed in West Africa by Silverbird Film Distribution.

Still playing in Cinemas.



"The Equalizer 2" opens in cinemas on August ten

You can easily come at your enemies with whatever dangerous weapon at your disposal but you probably won’t find it easy charging at the enemy who is also your friend. Robert McCall is bent on tracking down the enemy that murders his friend. What he does not imagine is that the murderer is also a friend. How does he tackle the issue when the identity of the killer is revealed? Find out in this amazing sequel to The Equalizer 1.

Starring in this American thriller are Denzel Washington, Ashton Sanders, Bill Pullman, Melisa Leo and Pedro Pascal.

Denzel’s acting is superbly out of this world as he switches between being a regular guy driving a car for a living and a sophisticated Special Forces agent. During his search for the murderer of Susan, he encounters circumstances that call for his expertise as a Special Forces operative. He tears fingers apart, kicks butts and sets the town aflame.

The Equalizer 2 is billed to open in cinemas on the tenth of August. It will be distributed by the Silverbird Film Distribution.

 Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington

"A Rose for Freddy," sets to hit the cinemas

You need no elaborate introductions when you come in contact with the outstanding, award-raking U.S. based Nigerian movie director, Chike Nwoffia. This time around, he comes home bearing intellectual gifts for his country. And his latest gift is titled, “A Rose for Freddy.” It’s not just a rose for Freddy alone, it’s a rose for all lovers of Nigerian entertainment industry. So long you connect with the universal theme that the movie projects, it’s a movie for you too – whoever and wherever you may be.

“A Rose for Freddy” takes an interesting close up on the love life of Freddy in relation to his friends as he navigates the uptight precinct of love, friendship, life, work, betrayal, trust and dreams. Freddy is set up by one of his friends. In the thicket of the set up lies many secrets waiting to be unveiled. The revelations will surely blow your mind.

The movie is directed by Chikke Nwoffia, and written by Michael Osuji. It is minted by Rhesus Media Group in conjunction with BOI in alliance with 4Screams.  It will be distributed by Silverbird Film Distribution.

Featuring in this delightful movie are Kiki Omeili (Rose), Freddie George, Gregory Ojefua, Lucianne Ukpabi, Osas Ighodaro-Ajibade, Kocabelle Guemini.

“A Rose for Freddy,” is set to hit the cinemas from August ten 2018.



"Mission Impossible: Fall out," the most anticipated action movie of the season

Right from 1996 when the first installment of Mission Impossible graced the big screen, there has been no let down from Paramount and cast who constantly give their best in all the production stages. Paramount often ensures that the right atmosphere is created before the crew members and actors are invited to locations around the globe.

The road to Mission Impossible 6 began three years ago when it was announced that Paramount pictures would be working on the sixth installment of the Mission Impossible series and that Tom Cruise and a host of other capable hands would be a part of the production. Tom Cruise himself substantiated this on ‘The Daily Show’ with John Steward. As at the time of Cruise’s validation of the claim, he hinted that the movie was currently being shot.

In 2015, Rob Moore, Paramount’s senior manager expressed his optimism for further spinoffs and the company’s happiness over the involvement of Tom cruise in this episode of the franchise. Paramount are known for getting the best to work on their filmic projects. This has a huge implication on every action in the sixth installment. Tom Cruise, the lead actor, performs nail-biting stunts which would leave people’s hearts jumping out of their mouths. The trailers are already closing in on epic scary super-fast action scenes. Tom Cruise got injured on the London set in 2017. It took him seven weeks to return to action. During the convalescence period, the studio put paid to filming till Cruise’s right leg got healed.

 Paramount engaged the services of Christopher McQuarrie, one of Hollywood’s best brains. He was tasked with the writing of the film which is now said to be one of the biggest action movies of all time.  The script that McQuarrie came up with is adroitly tailored to intense actions that make cinematic meaning and beat those of the previous films and critics have agreed that this script is the best of all the ones ever produced for earlier Mission Impossible series.

Who can direct a movie better than the man who created the script? Christopher McQuarrie puts his directorial capability to a fantastic use on the set of ‘Mission Impossible: Fall out.’ He makes the movie come out on screen like the best seller it has always been. You wonder how a scene is adeptly maneuvered in such a way that hard stunts are made to look like a cinch.

The sound, the cinematography, the sequences of actions, the head-bursting stunts all combine to make this a nonesuch installment in the history of the franchise. There is no better movie company capable of putting all of these together than Paramount Pictures. It is this kind of movies that show that Paramount is a giant in movie making business. It is no doubt then that they are a significant member of the Big Six movie studios in the U.S.

 The C.E.O of Paramount Pictures, Jim Gianopulous, an astute Greek American entrepreneur mentioned ‘Mission Impossible: Fall out’ as one of their yet unreleased movies with universal allure during CinemaCon in April of this year.

Silverbird Film Distribution boss, Rosana George is excited that the unit is partnering with Paramount studios to see to the successful distribution of the much anticipated ‘Mission Impossible: Fall out’ in the whole of West Africa. ‘We are happy to be a part of this massive project,’ she said.

Mi6 is now playing in cinemas.


"Mission Impossible: Fall out" premieres

It was a night of hopes and expectations for film lovers across Lagos as they waited with bated breath for the most anticipated movie of the year to hit the screens. It wasn’t about the glamour of the night for them, it wasn’t about the stars gathering – it was about “Mission Impossible: Fall out,” the sixth instalment in the Mission Impossible series.

It was the night of July 26, 2018, the premiere of Mission Impossible 6 was on the way, and it was to take place at Silverbird Galleria, 133, Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island Lagos. Red carpet moments experienced an array of stars smiling into camera lenses as expectations glued to their faces.

When the movie was eventually over, the audience reactions came in massive proportions.

“Mission Impossible 6 is a fantastic movie. From the beginning, it was just all crazy, the suspense is exquisite, the picture, wonderful, the actions…I don’t’ know. Tom Cruise is just wonderful,” Amara (@amarachieze7)

Adeyemi Okanlawon, a brilliant Nollywood actor couldn’t contain his surprise, “I think it’s an amazing movie. I didn’t think they could do much better than they did in the past Mission Impossible but they surprised me even more. This is the best of all the M. I series. It was action-packed, it was funny, and the stunts were crazy. It was really an amazing experience.”

“The movie wasn’t bad at all. Though I came in late, I enjoyed it. I would have to watch it again. Ethan Hunt’s stunts really got me,” said Afolahan Titilola. (@Teeteelular).

Angelthebrand, a nollywood director and BBN housemate2018 was wowed by the directing and the stunts, ‘Mission Impossible: Fall out’ is a mad movie. Mission Impossible has always been a title that I really like because with each one they try to push the envelope up the anthill and make us gasp for breath a bit more. This one has a lot of twists because they keep on setting themselves up inside the set-up, inside the set-up and inside the set-up. And of course Henry Cavill would kill at every point in time. In fact, I can’t wait to see him as James Bond.  I really like the filming style in this one.  You know when he (Tom Cruise) had to jump out of the plane, he probably had the cinematographer jump out backwards with him. That’s mad. As a film maker, that’s some mad stuff.  (@Angelthebrand)

 Adenrele Olufemi Adeyemi Edun was super excited about the movie, “What do I think of this movie? Fast-paced, action-packed. Everything was huge. Do you know I am still in awe? In fact, I am a die-hard fan of Tom Cruise’s movies. I have seen all of Tom Cruise’s movies. When I got the invitation, I said ‘do you know what? I don’t care if I am getting married today, I will leave them at the church and come down here and watch this movie.’ I also learnt facts. Tom Cruise spent sixteen hours every day working really hard to get his helicopter license. So all the stunts in the movie were engineered and carried out properly by Tom Cruise himself. Even that part where he had to jump out of the plane. He had to jump over thirty thousand feet. Even when he was jumping on the roofs, he actually broke his ankle.

It’s an amazing movie. M:I 6, if you haven’t seen it, you need to see it. You know what, life has not started if you have not seen this movie.  And if you have seen it, Life has not begun until you go and watch it again. Silverbird, thank you for this opportunity, una don make our day.” @Denrele_edun

 “Mission Impossible: Fall out is very very, I don’t even know how to express it. I enjoyed myself. There were so many high points.  What I love most about the movie was the suspense. At the end, I was expecting a kiss but they didn’t kiss. They didn’t say mission impossible, they just did it in all the actions,” @amyflourish.

Steve Ibe, a veteran Nollywood actor was quite impressed with the movie. “M: I6 was quite awesome. As a Nollywood person, I got a lot of very vital points. The best aspect of it is that it was full of suspense but at the end of it, it was all resolved. It was quite attractive, I like the movie. I enjoyed it.”

Shadrach, an accountant and lover of movies remembered the cable-cutting moments, “M:I6 was awesome, fantastic, mind-blowing. I really enjoyed myself. The part they were about cutting off the green cables and they were like aww just in one second we are gone. They thought they were all gone. When they opened their eyes, they were like, we are still alive guys. And the key was already in my guy’s mouth. And guess who that was…my Tom Cruise.”

Jevwe, who is not even a lover of action movies found M:I6 couldn’t help but put in some words for this franchise, “It was fantastic. I was blown away. The end…the part where it was like are we all gonna die including us in the hall? The part where we are just waiting to see what’s gonna happen and you know at the end he got that special thing we all needed him to get.”

 May Owen (actress, singer, chef, and humanitarian) was such a crazy fan of Tom Cruise. She shouted her comments with all the gusto in her veins. “Oh! Tom Cruise! In fact, that movie… Everything was so real: flying the helicopter, jumping from roof to roof. I mean it was real. This guy does his own stunts. When he was on the bike, a car just came and hit the bike and he flew off and landed. This guy, are you a Spiderman or don’t you have bones in your body? You are fifty something years old and you are behaving as if you are one small boy. I love you, Tom Cruise, I love you,” (officialmayowen).


"Skyscraper," the Magnificence of a Pearl and the Significance of a Story


“Pearl,” the tallest building in the world stands the risk of being destroyed by the vilest terrorists the world has ever known. It is not just the imminent destruction of the building that is evil, the greater evil is in the 240 stories that will perish along with it. Out of the 240 stories, one of them is the cinematic choice of Rawson Marshall, the director. One of such stories is that of Will Sawyer (Dwayne Johnson) and his family. Why is this story worthy of this glamorous attention given to it? It is a story of family, love, heroism.

There is a story in each storey of the building. Pearl is a 240-storey building, Honk Kong’s massive tourist attraction and the ‘safest super-tall structure in the world.’ Mr Sawyer is taken to the topmost part and shown the majesty of the building.  The Empire State Building in New York only has 102 stories while Dubai’s Burj Khalifa has 160 storeys. The structure is that of a twisted object, so that what you have is an image of a building that goes up in spirals. At the topmost floor is the shape of a pearl. That’s where the building gets its name. And like its name, this building is priceless and should be protected. Zhao Long, the building developer tells Sawyer, “Welcome to heaven.” Long Ji employs the services of Sawyer as the chief security agent/consultant for “Pearl.” This is later understood as a vatic action when the building comes under attack. The owner of the building hides away a flash drive on the topmost floor so that the information regarding his wealth is well kept.

In one of the closing scenes, Sawyer asks the landlord of the building what he'd do next. "Rebuild," he replied. Real men know how to bounce back no matter the magnitude of the misfortune that befalls them. Real men know how to rebuild and this is way beyond just fixing his building, it's a metaphorical hope for fixing the world as the building is an image of the world as it is. Families live in the world. If they must function well, the world has to be in its best state. Many families fall with the building going down under terrorist attacks. This is the case with our world today. Families fall day by day as they try to survive the harsh realities of this world. "Pearl," being the name of the building, is only as valuable as the level of comfort and unity it brings to its inhabitants. The world should be ready to go against intruders, terrorists and save the souls of our families. That is the way to really save the world. If we cannot achieve this, then the world cannot be our "Pearl," it'd become our dud or doom.


“Skyscraper is now playing in cinemas!



"Hotel Transylvania 3," time for family time

There is something deserving of our attention in the cohabitation of humans and monsters in this movie.

The creativity employed in the creation of the characters tickles stringent imagination.  Some of the characters are absolute monsters, some are half-human half- monster while others are complete humans.

This is a way of projecting the blur lines between humanity and monstrosity. The fact that we are in human skins does not make us humane just as some monsters are more humane than many human beings. This is pictured in many scenes.

During the vacation, there is a particular monkey family that does not leave its children to move an inch away; the parents are always carrying the children everywhere they go. The parents are so lost in this parental duty that when eventually they have to be relived of this burden so that the children would have to go and have fun without the supervision of their parents, the parents look at each other and wonder what they should do with their limited free time. They really don’t have an idea. Meanwhile the family of Dracula who are mostly humans are in shambles prior to the vacation.

When Dracular is asked: “What can I help you with, Lord of darkness?” he replies with “I am looking for a date. I am lonely.” The loneliness of the CEO of Hotel Transylvania reflects the shattered state of the family. Mavis, Dracula’s daughter expresses the dullness of the family spirit when she speaks about the “all work, no play” tradition thus “We are working with each other more, we see each other less.” It is no surprise that she admits “Dad’s right, we need a break. We need to be together again.”

Now showing in cinemas!

 fun time is family time 

fun time is family time 

"Skyscraper" Is Set To Hit The Cinemas On July 13th

The tallest building in the world, "Pearl" is under attack. Mr. Sawyer's family is stuck on one of the floors above the fire line. It’s only a matter of time: the rage of fire and the terrorists holding the building captive will soon get to them. Sawyer, (Dwayne Johnson) a war veteran and security agent is away from his family at this period. He must quickly run back home to save his world – his family. What are the hurdles on his way? Is he able to save his family? Watch out for Dwayne Johnson's crazy clash with terrorists as he battles for the safety of his family.

Starring in this action-packed movie are Dwayne Johnson, Pablo Schreiber, Neve Campbell, Byron Mann, Ng Chin Han, Noah Taylor, Byron Lawson, etc.

The stunts in the action scenes will definitely leave you gasping. Dwayne Johnson is, no doubt, the best action actor of this century. You may even have to close your eyes as he hauls himself from a crane, fixes his huge frame on the outer body of the building, rolls through fire, takes down the bad guys with kicks and nods.

You'd very much enjoy the conspiracy of the sound tracks gracefully in sync with each action taken.

The biggest setting of the movie is the site of the building. "You are welcome to Paradise," which soon melts into a hell. No movie has taken place in such a futuristic building in film-making history.

Keep your fingers crossed as the most daunting family movie of the year graces your screen right from July 13th 2018.

my work 3.jpg

"Hotel Transylvania 3" Opens In Cinemas On July 13th

When life gets so dull, what do you do? Visit Hotel Transylvania? That sounds nice. There is a bit of irony hovering over this though – Dracula, the CEO of the hotel is lonely and bored. Now, that’s where the fun begins. Mavis, Dracula’s daughter plants an idea in his head; it’s about taking a break and going on a vacation to an unknown place. This idea is freaking her father out but at the same time, he is excited about leaving the boredom behind, the prospect of finding a date, and the journey to a place his daughter would never tell him about. It’s not just only Dracula that’s going on this vacation, he’d be joined by his entire household. A family Time. Are they able to really have the family time? What does the journey do to each character travelling with Dracula? Is Dracula able to overcome his boredom? Is he able to find a mate?

All these questions are aptly answered but you too would have to first get out of your busy and boring life and spend some time with the family of Dracula as they travel to a mysterious destination all in the name of vacation.

Starts showing in cinemas from July 13th 2018.

Don't Miss It!


"Boss Of All Bosses," parable of a broken seat

The broken seat further intensifies the bilious office atmosphere as office workers queue behind the two M.Ds who are constantly shouting down each other’s throats. This is typical of PDP and APC, the two prevalent political parties in Nigeria. The chasm widens as the two factions employ all malicious means to outwit and outdo each other just so that one faction can be eventually obliterated. It is the manner in which they employ the tactics that places this movie among the movies that explore Nigerian problems from a fresh perspective. Never in Nollywood has a comedy ever solely focused the madness of power as the farcical techniques employed in "Boss of All Bosses." The approaches of these power brokers in the struggle for retention of the M.D seat are emblematic of the Machiavellian methods that Nigerian rulers often bring to the fore when they gun for an office or get a political appointment. The treacherous means are so humorously painted that the deep lessons could be lost on you while you are busy laughing. It is in this movie that insults come as endearments; it is in this movie that mediocrity is the norm; it is in this movie that a fowl challenges an M.D to a duel right in his office. It is in this movie that guns are toys. That is as realistic as it can get. In our waking reality, guns are toys for everyone; the police, the Boko Haram sect and other devious members of the society kill for a pastime using smuggled ammunition.

It is written and produced by Emeka Kachikwu. The movie boasts of a mélange of thespians such as Patience Uzokwor, Chinedu Emmanuel, Adunni Ade, Eniola Badmus, Sani Danja, Ime Bishop Umoh, etc. 

Now playing in Cinemas.


"Boss of All Bosses": the office and the oil

An interesting aspect of this movie is the name of the company where all the wars are happening. Hemcorps Oil & Gas Corporation is pivotal to the calculated meaning which the movie hopes to invoke as at the base of all distractions, eruptions, and disruptions in Nigeria is oil. This company is strangely interested in getting involved with a big client so as to help him transport petroleum to other parts of the world. Of course, that's where the dollars flow in but this act would in a lot of ways perpetuate the menace of poverty in Nigeria as all eyes become fixated on the money without a thought on national development. This is this movie's brilliant way of calling for de-emphasizing the monstrous attention on crude oil and making explore other sectors of the economy.

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Office Symbol in "Boss of all Bosses"

A crucial symbol of tussle in the office is the seat of the M.D. At the beginning, Tony occupies this seat and he obviously abuses the power of the seat as he molests the ladies, harasses the guys, dips his itchy hands into the company’s wealth, goes late to the office, in short, turns the office upside down in the bit to remain permanently in the corridor of power. This is by no means a caricature presentation of our Nigerian political jobbers who maim, shout, steal, kill and destroy all in the name of seating tight permanently in the seat of power. 


"Boss of All Bosses"; Mirroring the Nigerian workspace

Emeka Kachikwu’s  “Boss Of All Bosses” conveniently passes for a larger than life comic relief to the myriad of problems that we face in Nigeria. It can be very hard to place fingers on the humorous sides of Nigeria’s biting issues. This is where this movie scores some enviable marks. The office where Tony, the boss works is comically shaped so that it is an apt microcosm of the daily struggles of average Nigerians who’d travel miles to make ends meet.

The office is, therefore, such a comic metaphor for Nigeria where everyone tries to outdo one another to relevance and all that the national cake offers. The office is stratified and deeply polarized based on levels of individual relevance, economic power, posts, occupation, and functionality.

It's now playing in Cinemas nationwide


Emeka Kachikwu's Debut Comedy, "Boss Of All Bosses" Premieres In Grand Style

There is a lot to expect when a comedy in Nigeria is studded with such stars as Patience Ozokwor, Eniola Badmus, Adunni Ade, Sani Musa Danja, Ime Bishop Umoh, Bethel Njoku (Senator), Joseph Bowoto (Akpororo) and Chinedu Ani Micael (Nedu).

“Boss of All Bosses” is officially presented to the public at a grand premiere at Imax Filmhouse, Lekki on the 9th of June 2018.

Emeka Kachikwu, the producer of “Boss of All Bosses” speaks at the premiere of his debut movie, "I feel electrified. It's been a long time coming. There's been a lot of hard work, sleepless nights prior to this period. It's a proud moment for me and I thank God for making it possible.”  When asked about his Nollywood influences, he does not hesitate to point to a few big guns of the industry. “I have had a lot of influences. I am fortunate to have Patience Uzokwo on the project. Definitely a legend. Then Desmond Elliot. Ramsey Noah is another inspiration. My inspirations from Hollywood include Jamie Fox. I love the way he started with stand-up comedy, maneuvered into music and acting.” Responding to the question about the inspiration for the movie, he says, “The inspiration happened three years ago. In my former place of work, I witnessed a heated argument between two employees who hauled insults at each other. So I sat back and thought to myself, I can make this two M.Ds instead of two random employees.”

Sani Musa Danja, one of the very comic livewires of the film has this to say, “Boss of All Bosses is a comedy of its own class. It’s a corporate comedy. The script is wonderful. I am not a stand-up comedian but I am a comedy person when it comes to movies.” Speaking about the character he plays and his real-life person, he says, "I am the first right-hand man of Boss of all Bosses, Knowledgeable. I don’ have anything to do with the role but when it comes to acting, whatever role you are given, you have to put in your best and ensure it comes out well.” For Sani, the movie’s selling point is in its difference from what the industry is used to. The story is different.” On working with Emeka, Sani speaks fondly of him, “Emeka is a nice person. This is the first movie he has shot and it’s like he has always been here.”

Senator, (Bethel Njoku) a comedian of the Federal Republic of Nigeria whose role in the movie is of no mean immensity where hilarity is the subject, speaks about the film project, “l play the role of a P.A. to one of the lead characters. The whole story is woven around the corporate circle. The tussle for power in a corporate society. So I was a P.A. but the kind of P.A. that thinks he knows what he is doing but doesn’t really know what he is doing. The movie is very nice. If you need to laugh, you need to go out there and see the movie.”

Mrs. Kachukwu, the producer’s mother is all excited as she celebrates her son. When asked how she feels, she says, “I feel very proud.” And further stamps her approval on the movie, “I recommend the movie to everyone who loves to have a good dose of laughter.”

Bishop Omar AKA Okong bears his mind on the movie. "The movie, is for me, a nice one. You'd get your full money's worth when you pick a ticket and go see it in the cinemas. The selling point of the movie is that it's well cooked, unconventional, a comedy with a difference. We all want something that is different, something with an air of distinction. The actors really gave their best."

Award-winning young actor, Sam Bassa speaks of his expectations, "We are all here for “Boss of all Bosses.” I expect it to be hilarious judging by the cast: Okong, Mama G, Sany Danja etc. When I saw the title, it got me thinking. When there is a boss and that boss is the boss of all bosses, you know what to expect. We need stress-releasing avenues such as this movie. So I have come here to be refreshed. Things look really awesome, lots of beautiful people around.”

Niger Ninja, Sound Sultan is impressed with the content, "The movie is really funny. In fact, I told the lead actor that his style of comedy is totally different from what I see around. It's very animated. There are so many people who are really like that in reality. I do really appreciate his acting.”

Jules Aka Jazz expresses her initial reservation before turning around after she’s done seeing the movie, “At first I had low expectations but then there were some really genuine funny parts. So I think they did a good job.”


“Boss Of All Bosses” starts playing in Cinemas on June 15,2018.


Six Reasons "Jurassic World: fallen kingdom" is worth every moment of your time

“Jurassic World: fallen kingdom” boasts of wonderful directing, heart-stopping actions, blood-pumping sound tracks, and marvelous villains and heroes. Perhaps, you could have a bit of a hard time drawing the lines between who the real protagonists and the antagonists are. You may safely tag it a clash of two worlds: beast and man. No doubt, this latest attempt at Jurassic Park series is a guide on memory lane to digital dinosaur movie venture which started in 1993 with “Jurassic Park 1.” Soon the other four sequels followed. You remember how the dinosaurs stomped across and made a feast of stranded and hapless tourists. This edition is a creative homage to the previous sequels.

You are probably thinking: what’s then new to see in “Jurassic world: fallen kingdom”? Why should I ever want to see this movie? Well, the reasons are not far-fetched.


1.            The dinosaurs are the biggest lords of the screen. Ironically, the man-eating dinosaurs of the Jurassic Park are our darlings. Take the dinosaurs away from the franchise and nothing meaningful is left. No one can shy away from the fact that audiences around the globe got magnetized by the dinosaur idea right from the very first installment of the Jurassic Park franchise. This is where it becomes hard to tell who the villains and the heroes are. From the outset, the villains are the dinosaurs but as is the culture in most horror-coated movies, the dinosaurs are taking over and gradually becoming the heroes. Truth be told, this is the closest most modern movie goers have been to mountain-shaming natural creatures. Most of us have relied on fossils and mere pictures to have an experience of certain extinct forces of nature such as dragons, dinosaurs etc. With the help of this kind of movies, the modern audience can get as close as possible to what life was when these creatures permeated the earth. If we take the dinosaurs to be the heroes, invariably, man is now the villain and this is where another irony crops up: man is busy saving the brachiosauruses which are busy looking for ways to finish him up. It’s scary to think of the movie placing a premium on the life of a dinosaur as the longest scene spent on a human being being devoured by the beasts is the scene where two dinosaurs feast on a human in the final scenes.

2.            The cinematography: Oh my my. Oscar Faura is surely a beautiful mind with special eyes for what makes a movie magnetic with the audience. The Spanish cinematographer regales us with crazy scenic angles to the story, the kinds of angles that’d make you see this particular story in a whole new light. The under the water shots at the beginning, the heart-wrenching shot of a brachiosaurus standing at the edge of destruction where the eruption eventually engulfs it, the scene where Owen meets Blue again and many more speak eloquently of Faura’s cinematic expertise. The scenes transit with a certain urgency that characterizes the spirit of the plot as the rescue team cannot afford not to be as fast as possible in its mission to save the dinosaurs from the erupting habit

3.            The music is in perfect synergy with the quick and urgent movements of the scenes. In fact, each sound helps build the suspense that pins you to the edge of your seat as the story unfolds. You hear the water roaring and the Island erupting and the animals running to safety. The pandemonium on its own creates a heart-gripping music that helps Michael Giacchino create the sounds that help bring the movie to life.



4.            The plot comes pressing hard on you with a fascinating build up to the climax. At the core of this is an enchanting story that sees Eli Mills appearing as a saviour and sending forth a team to get the endangered species off the volatile Island only to be revealed later that he actually nurses the ambition to sell off the animals.


5.            The cast is on point. You can bet on Chris Pratt to always deliver on this kind of set. Bryce Dallas is equally up to the task as she is given more to do. Eli Mills notices the passion of these two people for the natural world as he says, “You two, you are the parents of the new world.” Jeff Goldblum role in this franchise is the voice of reason. He reprises his normal Dr. Ian Malcom role but does not appear beyond two scenes. He delivers in those two scenes the icing on the cake of the movie. He says, “These creatures were here before us and if we are not careful, they are gonna be here after us.” Now that is a scary caveat to the whole of humanity. The presence of Maisie (Isabella Sermon) is another brilliant attempt at creating emotional connection between children and the movie. The child character is brave and performs role that can help our children hearten up in times of troubles

6. The directorial capabilities of the Spanish director, Juan Antonio Garcia Bayona are again brought to the fore here. The director is known for “The Orphanage” (2007), “The Impossible” (2012), “A monster Calls.” Bayona is therefore never a novice when it comes to giving life to horror and sci-fi adventure screenplays and making the world tremble in their wake. Critics have drawn the lines between “The orphanage,” and “Jurassic World: fallen kingdom” regarding the latter as a movie imbued with ghosts (dinosaurs). 



How Alexandra became A Man

Why can’t Kevin come to Nigeria to marry Alexandra? Why must it be Alexandra traveling all the way to live with him in America? Alex should have exercised her woman power over Kevin by agreeing to marry her only if he comes to take her hand in marriage in Nigeria. At least, that would have put Kevin’s sincerity and love to some test. But Alexandra plays to the normal assertion that the woman is a weaker sex. Her going to America shows that she has some inferiority complex about her marriage worth. She feels some complex about her own country and holds America and its people in an esteem that not all of them deserves. She plays to the stereotype that most Nigerian youths are desperate to leave their own country for a greener pasture abroad. She presents herself a weak woman. But Alex is a good lady. Mistake not weakness for malfeasance. She is just a woman in search of genuine love.


Thanks to the monster in Kevin, otherwise, the real man in Alexandra would not have come out to ask for justice. In her fight for freedom and justice, Alex becomes a man. The road to becoming a man is such a rough and tough one. The woman in her has to be shredded off by the cold hands of Kevin. She has to experience sex slavery in order to come to terms with her fear and weakness. Her becoming a man is further expressed in the deep-seated quest for protection and vengeance especially as she seeks to do this by enrolling in the U.S army.


Her military training heartens her about self-defense and quest for justice. When eventually Kevin comes to snuffle her out, she stands up and not only defends herself but also kills him. The death of Kevin is symptomatic of the coming to life of the man in Alexandra. She now feels so safe that she no longer needs to rush back to Nigeria for protection. She is man enough to protect herself from any aggression – psychological or physical.


Alexandra’s fight for freedom and justice brings some credibility to the meaning of her name. Alexandra is the feminine form of Alexander which means “defender of men.” The name was known to have been in Britain since 13th century. It was made more famous by the matrimonial union that happened between the future King of England, Edward VII and the Princess of Denmark, Alexandra.


In this movie, we can aptly consent to the twist in the meaning of the name and label her “defender of women.” Her attainment of self-dense and justice is also an achievement for women all around the world, women who suffer all forms of oppression and servitude. Her story is a bright light of hope in the dark dungeon of oppressiveness. We may even adjudge her to be Alexander the Great for her taming of her demons.


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"Alexandra," a vintage cinematic product of two woods

The vintage cinematic and thespian quality of this sort is what you get when Nollywood teams with Hollywood in the execution of a story that takes two different settings and demands the best of acting from Rob Hays, Vivica Fox, Ada Ameh, Fredda Steffl, Joseph Benjamin and others. The acting helps leaven the already fascinating story. It’s easy to catch the bug from Fredda Steffl, the producer who plays Alexandra. She comes real. Rob Hays’ acting brings with it some brutality expected of a psycho. He so fits into it you are convinced that is the way he is away from the cameras. But that is acting.  You can’t doubt the directorial proficiency of Robert Peters as he reaches into his big bag of cinema experience in making this movie a filmic reality.

Alexandra is a warning on the dangers of online dating. The virtual world is yet to be the real world. It is doubtful if the virtual reality would ever be the actual reality. This is because people easily hide away behind that world to present themselves in sparkling colours which they are not in any way close to in actual physical reality. The meeting of Kevin and Alexandra in this virtual space underpins the modern man’s embrace of virtuality as reality. It is with this belief in mind that Alexandra and Kevin fall in love. But there is more to falling in love online than meets the eye because the interface of connection is the screen. Screen is a liar. It has the capacity to make things more beautiful than they appear. There are so many photoshopped images that fly around online while in reality the people in the pictures are not as pretty as they look. The screen is fantasy. It is the screen age.

Yet we cannot minimize the power of the screen and the world it presents to us in the creation of the bond of two people over some distances. Prior to this time, Alexandra cannot be in Nigeria and have such a relationship with Kevin who stays in the U.S. So the virtual world makes long distance love a reality. But is the internet enough tool of bond? Can it effectively sustain the love it births?

Alexandra lands in the U.S some months later and discovers that Kevin is a sex slave master. He appears green from afar but he is red in reality. Alex endures all sorts of abuse day and night with nobody to cry to. Every moment in and around the house is monitored by Kevin’s cameras. The house and its environ come to be a prison for Alex.

When Alex finds the escape route with the help of one of Kevin’s friends, Joseph Benjamin, she seeks revenge in her own way. She joins the U.S army and as time goes on feels armed enough to tame Kevin who kills his own friend because he helps Alex out of his prison. What Alexandra does next shows freedom is not enough. She is bent on establishing the fact that to cement your freedom, some bold drastic steps have to be taken. What she does to quench her fear and reify her freedom would leave your mouth agape for a long time.

The suspense in this movie is biting. It’d take you from love to hostility, then freedom and vengeance. The scene where Benjamin takes the poisoned drink would leave you cringing. The scenes of several abuses would get your dander up as much as you travel through pity and fear for the central character. 

There is no unnecessary lighting, the sound and picture quality comes clean and clear. There is an accurate understanding of the two settings explored in the course of the story line as the movie scenes shuttle between Nigeria and the U.S.

When you are done seeing this movie, you begin to nod. It’s as a result of the cinematic exploration of that side of you that wants an escape from your country so that you can find a knight in an American. You get scared of leaving Nigeria in the name of the promises of a distant love. You even fear the internet the more. You realize how unreal and callous the virtual reality is.

Alexandra was premiered in the U.S. on the 21st of April 2018. It is set to be released in Nigeria on the fourth of May 2018. Brace up for the exposition of this shattering little secret.

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International Dance Day Is Here Again!


Do you love to dance? Who doesn’t? Dance is an expression of inner peace, joy, creativity, spirituality and sound health. Through dance, you can put a phone call through to your inner being and your creator. No wonder there is a lot of dancing in different religions and cultures around the world. 

Most books and movies ride on the wheels of dance element to further make their statements clearer to the audience. The list is endless but we would love you to go out and see our movies where dance is used as a tool of entertainment, ritual and identity. The youths in the movie "Blockers" constantly have parties where they dance to express what the home environment deprives them of. A character in "Jumanji: welcome to the Jungle" uses dance to distract the enemies thereby having the opportunity to overcome them. Even when she fights, her moves are dance steps. Such is the power of dance.

Chinua Achebe, the great African novelist once wrote, “The world is like a Mask dancing. If you want to see it well, you do not stand in one place.” Dance is perception; a way of seeing the world. You cannot effectively see this world if you embrace stasis, if you stand rooted to a boring spot, thus, you must move. Nothing moves in and out of your life unless you move and in your moving, things begin to move. Dance then is movement of thoughts, ideas, and parts of your body in order to reify your dreams.

April 29 is the International Dance Day. It is the day specifically set aside for the celebration of dance and dancers around the world. The dance committee of International Theatre Institute set up the dance festival in honour of Jean-George Noverre (1727 – 1810) who is regarded as the author of modern ballet. Ballet is just a type of dance, there are other types such as salsa, rumba, polka, fandango etc. On such a day as International Dance Day, all around the world, people get some education about the concept of dance as dance festivals are held. People dance and appreciate the health, social, cultural, artistic and spiritual benefits of dance. A Gala celebration takes place in a city chosen by the ITI Executive Council. This year’s venue is Havana, Cuba. The celebration houses a keynote speech by a selected author, other speeches from prominent individuals, spirit-lifting dance performances etc. ITI is a body that totally supports UNESCO so that the world can best understand and appreciate the values of dance as a crucial aspect of the arts.

It takes a lot to dance; that is why people sweat when they dance. You just have to free your soul. Empty yourself of all the burdens in your spirit. When people dance, they dance away the malice, the quarrels, and the war battling with their souls. They consciously spin with the earth. You may not be able to make it to Havana, Cuba for this year’s celebration but you can be a participant by dancing in your own little corner of the Earth. You can search online for the videos of the events and share. You can encourage the ones who have lost their limbs (physical and psychological) to get up and learn how to dance again. You can remind the world of great dancers in history – King David, Rudolf Nureyev, Anna Pavlova, Michael Jackson, Prabhu Deva etc. 

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