Fifty Shades Freed - A tale of Power and freedom

The third installment of the shades series is somewhere around the corner as “Fifty Shades
Freed” takes us through its crinkly and heterodox turns that leave the world questioning the
marital and sexual status quo.

“Fifty Shades Freed” could be adjudged a study in disparities artistically unified to not only
reflect the many psychological tinctures of sexual overtures but to chart new dimensions in the future of relations and sexuality.

You’d love the power statements oozing from one scene to another as car chases meld with being tracked down in the midst of sexual escapades and luxurious vacations etc. Jack Hyde is on a revenge mission. He is an erstwhile boss of Ana. He is sacked for sexually harassing Ana. He’d do anything to keep the new couple sorrowing. If he is not abducting a member of their family now, he is certainly sneaking into Ana’s big home with the hope of attacking her. Jack’s role gives the movie an upbeat action tint. Woven with this is Christian’s revelation that he is not ready to father a child. His fear? His children would damage the romance between him and Ana, his wife. How does a man become so green-eyed to the point of deciding against having children?

But Ana experiences accidental pregnancy and breaks it to Christian who does not take it lightly. Ana would love to have control over her life. She’d love to have dinner with her friends outside her home. She would not love to have the bodyguards around but she has no choice as each time she exhibits her freedom tendencies, she runs into trouble with Christian. The last time she is out with one of her friends, Christian punishes her. He takes her into the Red room and gives her sex-laced mild pain to which she remarks, “Christian, this is not love. It’s revenge.” But that is one of the ways Christian believes he is loving her. And truly he loves her. “I wanted to give you the world,” he says.

The relations between the new couple is more of dominance tussle than it is cooperation and
collaboration expected in a family setting. Christian Grey’s wealth hands him the control he
desires over his wife’s life. This means she is expected to contribute nothing where finance is
concerned. Christian expects her to stay at home as a full time house wife but she says she would run mad if she has to do that. She keeps her job but doesn’t give her the power she really needs: who controls your spending, controls your life.

The sexual scenes also exude some level of dominance, especially with the style of sex that the couple employs. Their BDSM (bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, sadomasochism) sexual relationship does not give Ana the breathing space to be who she loves to be. Christian takes undue advantage of this kind of relationship to analyse their lives through sex. Not everything in a salubrious relationship should be viewed through the lens of sex. The Red Room, their play is a symbol of disillusionment, power, dependence, independence and sexual sovereignty.

Dakota Johnson’s shows us the exciting dimensions of Ana’s life as her acting compliments
Jamie Dornan’s stern responses on set. She has been described as the MVP of “Fifty Shades.”
Her monologues while almost completely naked and her innuendos during conversations with
Christian would make you wonder how she seamlessly moves through the scenes without taking herself too seriously.

Fifty Shades Freed” is made available for the screen by Niall Leonard, the husband of the
novelist E.L James whose novel (of the same name) was a NewYork bestseller. The movie
version is directed by James Foley.


Taraji Henson plays a leading hit woman for the first time. There has never been that time when Taraji Henson played the leading hit woman in any movie. Yes, she took the role of an assassin in “Smoking Aces” but not as the lead character. Here she is in “Proud Mary,” where she is a badass unapologetic hit woman taking a full control of her life in a world long suppressed by senseless patriarchy. This therefore makes her one of the “hit lead” female characters to watch out for in 2018. The top three movies that enjoyed box office success in
2017 all featured female lead characters. This could inspire a lot more in that direction in 2018. With female-leading movie records of last year being considered, “Proud Woman” is poised to stand tall among the female-fronted films of 2018.

“Proud Mary” is not just a mere female-fronted movie, it is led by a black woman who doubles as an executive producer. Henson, who plays Mary accepts that the movie is a mouthpiece for all African American women who have been boxed to a dark corner. Having an African American woman at the fore front of this kind of movie is not what happens often. It hasn’t happened since 1970s. It’s not a norm to have this kind of movie because most managers of the companies that produce these movies don’t see the market value of giving an African American woman such matchless power. It took this long for these managers to realize that more women go to the movies than men. It is such a smart thing to appeal to women where movie making is concerned.

With this African American lady at the vanguard of “Proud Mary,” a statement of empowerment for women of colour and women in general is apodictically issued. Women would not always be at the rear of the car; they are taking over the driving wheel, determining their destinies. The way Mary kits up for each operation is symptomatic of the position of power that this movie keeps the women. She is well armed against any aggression. That is why she has the capability to tell the men in her life that she is no longer enjoying what she’s been doing for them. She wants to leave!

“Proud Mary” is an action thriller. Taraji Henson confessed she has dreamt all her life to one day be an action star. “That’s where the fun is, that’s where the checks are,” she said. She is also a good learner as she modeled Mary after the action stars that she admires: Pam Grier and Iceman (Richard Kuklinski). Henson’s favourite action stars are Liam Neeson and Keanu Reeves. She does not leave out James Bond.

She openly brought to the fore her desire to see women take over the driving seat of their lives in her response to what inspired the character of Mary, “Just all women trying to fight it out. It’s based on all kinds of women — women I know from the ’hood, women I know in my life, friends.”

So if you are a woman and looking forward to gaining control over your life,
“Proud Mary” is the movie to see.


The gripping movie reveals the intrigues of a gay couple’s love story. It tells the story of Queen Edwards, a girl born into a decent home where her father’s strict nature as well as her mother’s ignorance led her into the arms of a maid who lured her into lesbianism.



Lai Mohammed, Kunle Afolayan, Zack Orji Dazzle at 'The Bridge' Private Screening

It was all glitz and glamour as Lasun Ray, Kunle Afolayan and other galaxy of stars stormed Silverbird Galleria, 133, Ahmad Bello Way, Victoria Island, Lagos on the 9th of December 2017 for the private screening of the much anticipated movie, 'The Bridge.'

The entrancing Saturday night was made more alluring by the distinguished presence Nigeria’s Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed, Hilda Dokunbo, Muka Ray, Femi Adebayo, Zack Orji, Bryan okwara, Lere Paimo, Tina mba and many more Nollywood dignitaries who dazed every sight with their illustrious attires.

Lasun Ray, the producer aired his views of the production when asked about his choice of the script which he built for over ten years, 'To educate, preach against tribalism, religious sentiments, and discrimination.

'Love has nothing to with religion or tribe. Let’s break the bridge between religion and tribe.

'Tribalism and all may damage lives. We need unity.' He claimed that in 100 years the movie will still be preaching and sending key messages to people out there.

Apart from producing, Lasun is also an actor, director and dancer. He believes himself to be a born actor, started acting at a young age since 1972, and as a kid got his first award in 1977.

One of the lead characters in 'The Bridge,' Demola Adedoyin, also had an expository chat with SFD as he voiced his challenges on the set, compared his roles in 'October 1' and ‘The Bridge’, and capped it with a fun fact that people might not know about him. 'My major challenge was spending time buried underground in a coffin. That was pretty hard.'

When asked to draw a line between Aderopo (in 'October 1st) and Obadare (in 'The Bridge') he responded thus: 'They are two different people. Aderopo was a very extreme guy. Very antisocial, very dark and all that but I found Obadare to be sort of friendly, approachable, loving, caring. So yeah, I think they are two different guys.'

He described working with Kunle Afolayan, the director as 'serious. It's very serious. The work is so serious that if they didn't joke as much as they joked in-between everyone is going to run mad over there. When it's time for work, there's no room for anything else.

Concerning his dream major role, he didn't have any particular one in mind but he would love to be adventurous with roles, 'I just want to stretch myself, what I'm not used to, what I have to learn about. I just want to do characters that are different from the real me.' He expressly admitted attempting a description of his real self would be a tall order. He closed the interview with a culinary secret, 'I'm a master plantain fryer.'

Chidinma Ekile and Ademola Adedoyin are such a wonderful pair that bring so much emotional energy to this movie. You won't regret learning how they synchronise their verve to bring life and meaning to 'The Bridge.'






 ‘Christmas Is Coming’ Brings Christmas in November as it Premieres

Ufuoma McDermott and a constellation of Nollywoods’ stars gathered and basked in the joy of Christmas at Imax Cinema for the premiere of her movie “Christmas Is Coming,”on November 18th 2017.

The stars aired their views of the movie and their relationship with Ufuoma.

Joke silver, with a knowing foresight looked forward to “seeing Ufoma play a tomboy.” That expectation was based on what she had heard about the lead character’s role in the movie. She spoke of her relationship with Ufuoma, “Oh yes, we’ve done a lot of works together. We’ve travelled round America and the Netherlands together. She sends her Christmas wishes to youths who look up to her.

Deyemi Okanlawon who played the role of Koko Williams commented about the movie, when asked about the challenges encountered, he optimistically stated, “It goes to show that even with the challenges, Ufuoma was able to rise above them and lift the entire team above them. It’s superhuman to do all those three things: to be an actor, director, and producer all at the same time. I said to someone earlier that Nigerian women have shown some dexterity in film making, and Ufuoma has put herself in the caliber of such women.

Before the movie started showing, Ufuoma herself described her experience while writing the movie, “Writing the movie spanned about three or four years because I actually started piecing the ideas together in 2013.” When asked what inspired the movie, she replied thus, “I think it should be my love for Christmas. I’m a Christmas freak. I think it’s the inner peace about the season that makes me happy.”

An excited Richard Mofe Damijo said, “I love it! I love the movie.”

Shola Shobowale adjudged the movie to be, “A lovely movie, beautiful family story. The family is expected to bond up at Christmas.” She explained what caught her attention when she got the script, “the story she has for us is what everybody will love.” Speaking generally on movies, she says “You see movies because that is what your eyes eat. Movies are the food for the eyes. Watch.

Present at the premiere where other notable cast members Chioma Akpotha, Mary Lazarus, Zack Orji, all had beautiful things to say about the movie

A rising star, Amanda Oruh, who played the role of company executive also have a word for the audience about the movie “That was the first time I played the character of a company executive.” It’s her first cinema feature movie. She thus described the movie: “The story line is beautiful from start to finish. I like the fact that it came during the Christmas Period. I love all the twists. I wasn’t bored at all.

As the premiere came to an end, Ufuoma addressed her guests and colleagues present, narrating her ordeal at a particular location. She got all mushy at a point as she broke down in tears showing her gratitude by calling out the names of all the crew members and cast thanking them for making ‘Christmas Is Coming’ a success.



“I already lived through this day… Somebody is going to kill me tonight.”

Today is the first and the last day of the rest of her life. She wields the uncommon power to make the day go according to her desires but there is a force beyond the precinct of her powers. She either tames the force or keeps dying repeatedly on her birthday.

Christopher B Landon’s “Happy Death Day” relates the many life-and- death experiences of Tree Gelbman who goes through several time loops wherein she is being killed. Each time she is killed, she wakes up in her friend’s bed. Tree would do anything to stop the loops but she won’t be able to do that until she is able to kill her killer before the killer kills her. Who is the killer? Will Tree ever be able to find her killer and wreak vengeance on him or her? Find out in this most entertaining movie.

The movie stars Jessica Rothe and Israel Broussard who expertly bring their characters to life so that the audience can enjoy the thrills and frills that characterize the movie. It’s easy to flow with Rothe because she shows fear and courage at the appropriate instances. Rothe naturally emotes without making her roles look superfluous or unduly exaggerated.
“Happy Death Day” fuses comedy and horror in the most exciting way. Horror and comedy couldn’t have been better presented on the screen. Tree gets used to her reliving her death and responds bravely and funnily with a careful modification of her character.
Bear McCreary handles the music with such dexterity that shows a touch of professionalism as he blends the scenes with relevant music. The birthday song keys in well into the scenes where Tree is expected to be celebrating her birthday. Tree’s ringtone is a weird birthday song. It’s the song that wakes her up from a loop on her birthday.

Toby Oliver, the cinematographer deftly moves the camera in ways that could get the audience curious and heighten the suspense. He skillfully conceals the identity of the true murderer until it’s the right time to reveal it. The shots are acceptable and the framing is efficient. “Happy Death Day” humorously toys with the ideas of time, life and death; it does so with a touch of class and technical know-how in movie production. Moving through the same experiences with the power to alter the experiences is what many of us would crave. It’s like a past that keeps coming back to us while we have the power to change many things in it. The film could be described as everyone’s fantasy on the screen. Without any aorta of doubt, this movie is an enthralling filmic experience.