Universal and Legendary studios build a classy set as they interview John Boyega on "Pacific Rim Uprising"


Just in few days, Pacific Rim Uprising is billed to hit the cinemas. As a part of preparation for the big release, Universal and Legendary created a movie location interview set where John Boyega was asked some questions about the movie. It is not just the interview that is attention catching, it is also the set. The set was something like the real movie set where some of the scenes were shot. Movie promotion would be a lot better if many other studios can borrow a leaf from Universal and Legendary. Looking at the backdrop for the interview alone would awaken your thirst for the forthcoming sequel. It was confirmed that building the set with all the exact props from the movie and using it for interviewing important figures around the movie is quite expensive (Time and Money) but it is a huge step toward better awareness creation for movies.

John Boyega explained what it felt like producing his first pocket-tearing Hollywood movie, his involvement with the editing, the surprising things he found out about movie making, what he picked from the initial test screenings, how he worked with the director, his other engagements and many more.

Other stars you are to watch out for in the much anticipated movie are Adria A jona, Scott Eastwood, Rinko kikuchi, and Tian Jing.


Release date: March 23, 2018

Watch out!

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