"Pacific Rim Uprising" Beats Popular Expectations At The Exclusive Screening

“Pacific Rim Uprising” Beats Popular Expectations At The Exclusive Screening


Silverbird Galleria hosts a classic screening of the new Pacific Rim Uprising movie as the guests heap accolades on the skillfully executed cinematic venture which is deemed as a better shot at exploring the scientific intricacies of the modern world using the medium of a blood-pumping story line to philosophize on the possible future adversities which could threaten humanity.

Deyemi Okanlawon, a well-known Nollywood actor describes the movie thus: “Pacific Rim Uprising, the first part was amazing, this part even better. Our boy, John Boyega absolutely wonderful. He is Nigerian so you can only expect the best. He should just wait for us that are home based, we are coming for them too. The movie opens our minds to the fact that no matter what the challenges we face, we can overcome.”

John Smith, a movie fan explains his view: “I think it’s a very interesting movie, much better than part one. John Boyega should have worked on his stomach muscle to at least have six packs. But all in all, it’s a very good movie, an alternative from Wakanda. On the scale of black people doing good stuff, this is a good stuff.”

Ihezue Ugochi, MBGN 2017 has this to say: “The movie is really amazing. The actions are punctuated with comic relief in the right places. I am really impressed. I can’t wait to see the part three. If I were to be a character in this movie, it’d be the character of John Boyega. He is the captain, the leader and I like to be a leader. The part that really gets to me is where it is put to the audience that we should never give up. No matter how many times you fall, keep standing.”

Rachael Isaac who represents “The Movie Road Show” which airs on Nigerian info fm says: “I saw some African fabrics at the second scene. The producer wore Ankara. I like the use of African fabrics. Of course I like the fact that they open the movie with wizkid’s song Daddy Yo. I also like the fact that we have more of young actors calling the shots. Good picture. The villain is funny. I like the comic twist to the character of the villain. Then there is something that stays with me in what John Boyega tells the teenage girl. It boils down to it’s not what people think of you but what you think of yourself. Self-confidence. I’d love to play the role of the villain.”

Ore Williams, an AIT music plus reporter explains her view of the movie: “Obviously this part two is an improvement on part one. The graphics, the pictures are just on a different level. This one has a nice story line and I like the fact that Africans are being recognized on the international stage where movie making is concerned. The line that hits me most is the part where a character says the world is going to an end. If that were to happen in reality, what would we do?”

Dolapo Inioluwa gives a different but relatable perspective: “Actually, the movie is engaging. This is the first science fiction movie that pins me to my seat till the end. I find connections in the movie. The game virtual reality….. That’s quite millennial. I think this movie should be pg. rated because kids can see it, families can see it, and there is no sexual or linguistic obscenity throughout the movie.”

The movie officially opens in cinemas on Friday 23rd of March 2018.