"Peter Rabbit" wins the hearts of parents and children at private screening


“Peter Rabbit” works its ways into the hearts of the parents and their children at the private screening which takes place at Silverbird Galleria, 133, Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island, Lagos on the twenty fourth of March 2018.

It’s a pleasant surprise for the guests who grace the occasion with the preconceived notion that “Peter Rabbit” is a kid-only movie. It turns out that the movie not only has lots of fun-filled moments for children but also tickles the adult sensibilities with memorable and thought-altering nuggets which every family needs to rest upon for a sustainable survival.

Some of the parents even go as far as quoting and paraphrasing many of the lines they find stimulating in the movie. The children generally fall for the titular character, Peter Rabbit and trust them, they have fascinating reasons for doing so.

Little Sara remembers something from the movie as she tries voicing her experience “His friends put some carrot on the truck.” She then goes on to say “I like the movie.”

Jason is so enthralled by the titular character that when he is asked what he likes about the movie, he simply says “Peter Rabbit. He is a nice guy.” Kester Ebohon says he likes the main character, Peter Rabbit, because, “he is funny.” Joshua also likes Peter Rabbit but for a different reason, “I like Peter Rabbit because he is courageous.” Christabel likes “Peter Rabbit’s sisters because they support their brother.” Soraya says “I like the movie because it is funny. I like Peter Rabbit because he is the main character.” Mimi Aramide Philips says, “The movie is nice and I love it. I love it because of Peter Rabbit who is funny and brave.

Omeyi Yangs, the found of EveryMums, “It was a lovely movie. I like that it was very engaging, very funny and had a lot of lessons as well: tolerance, patience, forgiveness. So for me it was good that the movie taught its lessons in a way that a little child could understand. My children are here. They are all excited. We had a great time. Thank you for having us.”

A parent, Hauwa Tokosi, expresses her surprise, endorses the movie for the family, and shares her favourite line from the movie, “The film is very interesting. A good watch for the family. I enjoyed it even though when I was coming I thought it was just going to be fun for my son but it turned out that I enjoyed it. There was a line that says sharing does not mean that you are losing. Peter was holding too much unto the lady. He felt he was going to lose the lady but it was just about sharing and I told my son at that point that when you share your toys, it does not mean that you are losing your toys.”

Dolapo Olunloyo, “The movie is awesome. I had a god time. It’s full of humour. It’s enjoyable. I love peter Rabbit, I like Thomas McGregor. They are the two characters that got me laughing all through. It’s a good movie for the whole family to see. I told my daughter when we were watching it, there are ways in which you apologize. It’s always nice to say I am sorry.”

Modupe Fidelis describes the movie, “The best thing about watching a movie like this is you can come with the kids. It’s totally P.G, very funny, lots of fun. It also teaches you about tolerance, living together as one. I urge everyone who has not seen it to go to the cinemas nationwide, to see the movie, Peter Rabbit. Absolutely fantastic.”

Maryan BT, the founder of Seven & Playground is exceptionally surprised that the movie’s target is not limited to the children but adults as well. She does not get to see the trailer so she doesn’t know what to expect. Her words, “This movie is interesting and funny. To be honest, before I came to watch it, I didn’t watch the trailer so I didn’t know what to expect. I thought it would be a very kiddy movie but it’s a movie for all ages. Adults can enjoy it. It’s interesting. It’s hilarious. I was laughing so hard. It was also very simple enough for children to understand and grasp the meaning and the lesson behind it. As you can see, I’m here with my four year old. I have an eight year old. I came with a bunch of kids. All of them enjoyed it. All of them were laughing. It’s a great entertainment for the family. I think the main lesson for me is tolerance.”

Helen Ibru says, “It was hilarious. Honestly. It was a good time for the family. The kids loved it. The adults loved it. I think it’s a film that will work very well both with young and old. Even if you are different, you can find a way to work together.”


Yetty Williams from Lagos mums stamps the movie for general viewership as she airs her views on different aspects of the movie, “The movie was fantastic. I think the adults were laughing more than the children. It was interesting, different, and clean. It’s nice to have a movie you can see with your children and not worry they can’t watch it with you. What I learnt from the movie is to be in touch with how you are feeling. What you go through affects your behavior. Peter Rabbit is dealing with a lot of things and that’s why he behaves the way he does. But when he understands why he behaves that way, he is able to ask for forgiveness and clean up the mess he had created and love that was waiting to flourish was then able to happen. Adults should come and see this movie. There is a lesson for everybody in it. I laughed more than I have done seeing a lot of movies.”

Ewoma Luther-Abegunde, the marketing executor for the Silverbird Film Distribution, while responding to question about why it’s important for Silverbird Film Distribution to preview this movie before it opens in the cinemas, says, “What we’ve just done today is something that is also happening worldwide. This movie is not only releasing in our territory. Internationally, premieres are being held for Peter Rabbit. And so today, everyone that has had the opportunity to see this movie before it opens on Friday 30th of March now has an idea of what to expect. From all we’ve seen, it is obvious that this is a very interesting movie.”