"Peter Rabbit": A battle for Love & Home

Will Gluck’s “Peter Rabbit” is an exciting, humour-coloured adventure 3D live-action/Computer Generated Image comic thriller inspired by Beatrice Potter’s anthropomorphic animal stories which are often centered on mischievous Peter Rabbit.

Mr. Thomas McGregor moves to the family house in the country side after the death of his uncle. He falls in love with Miss Bea whose house is just a stone’s throw away. Peter Rabbit who along with his siblings has enjoyed the affection of Miss Bea feels threatened that Mr. McGregor’s presence would not only ruin the love that Miss Bea showers on him but also destroy his freedom of space and claim his home. He thus declares war. Who wins this war? Mr. Thomas McGregor or Peter Rabbit and his siblings?

“Peter Rabbit,” is not only a strikingly entertaining comedy movie but also deeply replete with philosophical explorations of the concepts of home and love. You will certainly get massively entertained while being taught the significance of team work, family life, preservation of environment, care for animals and finding the line that connects all living and non-living things.

Hitting the cinemas this March